The Auburn Eagle - Smarter Every Day 32 | Summary and Q&A

November 25, 2011
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The Auburn Eagle - Smarter Every Day 32


Take a glimpse into the training and preparation of Auburn's eagles before the Iron Bowl game against Alabama.

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Key Insights

  • 🦅 Auburn's eagles undergo daily training sessions at Jordan-Hare Stadium to practice their routine.
  • 👻 Telemetry units equipped on the eagles allow for tracking and monitoring of their movements.
  • 🦅 The rivalry between Alabama and Auburn is evident, even through the behavior of the eagles.
  • 😤 The golden eagle has become a powerful symbol for Auburn's team spirit.
  • 😋 Auburn's eagles are conditioned to associate touching a lure with receiving food rewards.
  • 🙂 Clay's humorous remarks shed light on the good-natured banter between Alabama and Auburn fans.
  • 🥺 Auburn's efforts to get an elephant to fly as a mascot were unsuccessful, leading to their choice of the golden eagle.


Hey it's me Destin. Welcome to Smarter Every Day. So today we are getting ready for the Iron Bowl. We're at Jordan-Hare Stadium before anybody else is here and we are going to practice with the Eagles. For every Auburn game the eagle flies around and hits the field and everybody screams War Eagle, which is pretty awesome, except that I'm an Alabama... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How are the eagles trained to touch the lure?

The birds are conditioned to associate touching the lure with getting fed. The lure is dragged across the field, and the birds look for the handler's presence, knowing that touching the lure will result in a food reward.

Q: How does Auburn ensure the eagles don't leave the stadium?

Auburn University attaches a telemetry unit to the eagles, which allows them to track the birds' movements. The transmitter, securely fastened to the eagle's tail, is lightweight and doesn't hinder the bird's flight.

Q: What is the significance of the eagle as Auburn's mascot?

The golden eagle has become a symbol of rallying the team to victory. While Auburn's official mascot is the tiger, the eagle has gained popularity and represents the team's spirit.

Q: Why does the eagle slap the host wearing crimson?

The eagle's reaction stems from the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama. The eagle is trained to associate the color crimson with the rival team and may react negatively towards it.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Marianne Hudson, in charge of Spirit and Nova, explains that the eagles are trained to touch a lure in exchange for food, which is a routine they practice at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

  • Auburn University has equipped the eagles with telemetry units to track them in case they leave the stadium during the game.

  • Clay, a member of the team, shares humorous insights about the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn, including their unconventional eagle mascot.

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