Journey of Brilliance and the Power of Reading | Saanvi Jamalpur | TEDxATLAS University | Summary and Q&A

September 25, 2023
TEDx Talks
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Journey of Brilliance and the Power of Reading | Saanvi Jamalpur | TEDxATLAS University

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In this video, the speaker emphasizes the power of reading as a superpower that can elevate our lives and help us become purpose-driven leaders. The speaker shares personal experiences and achievements, highlighting the transformative impact of reading. The video also offers essential tips for cultivating a reading habit.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the common trait among the world's best leaders according to the video?

The video explains that the common trait among the world's best leaders is leading with purpose. These leaders guide and inspire others towards a clear and meaningful direction, driven by their strong sense of purpose and values.

Q: How can reading contribute to purpose-driven leadership?

Reading is seen as a superpower that enables purpose-driven leadership. By reading avidly and regularly, leaders gain knowledge and insights that lead to immense success. Examples of world leaders, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk, demonstrate the impact of reading on their leadership journeys.

Q: Who emphasized the importance of reading for leaders?

Swami Vivekananda, a great leader himself, emphasized the importance of reading as an essential practice for leaders to develop virtuous qualities. He believed that reading expands our awareness and consciousness, opening up new ideas and possibilities.

Q: How did the speaker's journey into reading begin?

The speaker shares a personal story of being left at daycare as a child and finding solace in picture books and toys. This sparked a lifelong passion for reading, which began at the age of two and a half. The speaker describes reading as a mesmerizing world of success, happiness, and joy.

Q: What challenges did the speaker face while balancing reading with other responsibilities?

The speaker explains that despite the challenges of balancing studies, social life, and pursuing learning, the support, belief, and encouragement of loved ones helped overcome the obstacles. Balancing responsibilities required diligence and focus, but the pursuit of reading and learning was a transformative experience.

Q: What achievements has the speaker accomplished through their reading journey?

The speaker highlights various achievements, including winning a gold medal from Swami, receiving awards for academics, handwriting, singing, shloka recitation, oration, quizzes, talent shows, and olympiads. The speaker also shares record-breaking accomplishments in reciting the Bhagavad-Gita and the Narayan Upanishad, which earned recognition in various record books.

Q: How has reading shaped the speaker's life beyond their achievements?

Reading has taught the speaker valuable life lessons. It helped develop empathy and emotional intelligence through a deeper understanding of different emotions and fostering kindness, harmony, and respect in relationships. Reading also taught the speaker how to deal with failures and turn them into learning experiences, finding inspiration from biographies and autobiographies of accomplished individuals.

Q: What timeless wisdom can be gained through reading?

Through reading literature, poetry, and philosophy, one encounters the timeless wisdom of thinkers and visionaries who have pondered the meaning of life, existence, and true leadership. The speaker describes this endeavor as nourishing and transformative, leading to a deeper connection with oneself, others, and the world.

Q: How does reading contribute to effective communication and unity?

Reading helps develop language and communication skills, which are essential for effective communication. It enables the expression of thoughts, building trust, conflict resolution, and active listening, promoting synergy and fostering unity among individuals.

Q: What future aspirations does the speaker have and how does reading contribute to those aspirations?

The speaker aspires to become an astrophysicist, dreaming of working for ISRO or NASA. Reading has played a crucial role in developing language and communication skills necessary for such aspirations. It has expanded the speaker's horizons and provided the knowledge and inspiration to pursue these dreams.


Reading is a superpower that can elevate our lives and make us purpose-driven leaders. By reading regularly, we can gain knowledge, insights, and wisdom from world leaders and great thinkers. Reading develops empathy, emotional intelligence, and equips us to navigate failures. It expands our awareness, connects us with our deepest selves and the world, and improves communication skills. Through reading, we can ignite our imaginations, open our minds, and become lifelong learners. Consistency is key to building a reading habit.

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