October 16, 2023
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Jesse embarks on a 6-week reading journey into non-fiction books, starting with "Dark Archives" and discovering a fascination for Niche topics.

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Key Insights

  • 📔 Non-fiction books can be intimidating but provide an opportunity to explore niche topics beyond one's comfort zone.
  • 📔 Some non-fiction books may lean heavily towards memoir, which may not be what readers are seeking in the genre.
  • 💭 The exploration of disturbing or morbid topics in non-fiction can be captivating and thought-provoking.
  • 👨‍🔬 The level of research and presentation style in non-fiction books greatly affects the reader's engagement with the material.
  • 😥 Some non-fiction books may disappoint if they deviate from the main topic or lack in-depth exploration of intriguing subjects.
  • 💁 Personal experiences intertwined with information can enhance or detract from the overall non-fiction reading experience.
  • 🌍 Non-fiction books about animals and nature can offer insights into the fascinating and diverse world of creatures around us.


hey hi hello welcome back to my channel I'm Jesse and today I'm kicking off a reading experience a 6 week reading experience not an experiment per se but I am going to be doing 6 weeks of nonfiction books I've kind of always been intimidated by non-fiction books I've always kind of wanted to delve into that world but I've just never been able to li... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What made Jesse want to explore non-fiction books?

Jesse felt intimidated by non-fiction books but wanted to break out of her comfort zone and discover new topics.

Q: What was Jesse's impression of "Dark Archives"?

Jesse found "Dark Archives" to be a fascinating and gripping read, despite the disturbing topic of books bound in human skin.

Q: How did Jesse feel about reading "Stiff"?

Jesse enjoyed "Stiff" but found it veered more towards memoir, which was not what she was looking for in non-fiction.

Q: What was Jesse's experience reading "Why We Swim"?

Jesse had mixed feelings about "Why We Swim," as it delved into personal experiences and veered off the topic she was expecting.

Q: How did Jesse feel about "World of Wonders"?

Although enjoyable, Jesse felt that "World of Wonders" didn't go into depth on the specific topics and was more memoir-focused.

Q: What were Jesse's thoughts on "Gory Details"?

"Gory Details" became Jesse's favorite non-fiction book, thanks to its collection of strange and disturbing topics.

Q: How did Jesse feel about "Fuzz"?

Jesse found "Fuzz" to be a slightly disappointing read, as it veered off-topic and lacked in-depth exploration of interesting cases.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Jesse sets out to push herself outside her comfort zone and explore non-fiction books.

  • The first book she reads, "Dark Archives," delves into the history of books bound in human skin, piquing her interest in Niche topics.

  • Jesse shares her experience reading "Stiff," which explores the curious lives of human cadavers.

  • She reflects on her excitement for the third week's book, "Why We Swim," and how it dives into the art and healing powers of swimming.

  • Jesse continues her reading journey with "World of Wonders," a book about animals and nature.

  • Finally, she discusses "Gory Details" and "Fuzz," sharing her thoughts on these darker and more disturbing non-fiction reads.

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