Fusing Passion with Innovation:An Odyssey in Engineering & Opportunity | Brian Nyagol | TEDxBuruburu | Summary and Q&A

September 25, 2023
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Fusing Passion with Innovation:An Odyssey in Engineering & Opportunity | Brian Nyagol | TEDxBuruburu


Brian Nicole shares his journey from childhood to becoming an electrical and software engineer, highlighting his challenges and successes in creating a social media platform and working on innovative projects in a large organization.

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Key Insights

  • 💠 Childhood experiences can greatly shape career ambitions and interests in technology.
  • 🥺 Limited resources can present challenges in launching a startup, but perseverance and learning from mistakes can lead to success.
  • 🌍 Industrial attachments provide valuable opportunities to apply engineering skills and contribute to real-world projects.
  • 👻 Entrepreneurship within existing organizations allows for innovation and agility.
  • 🏛️ Building meaningful relationships, promoting collaboration, and maintaining focus are essential for success in demanding projects.
  • 🏛️ Struggles and challenges help individuals discover their strengths and build resilience.
  • 🤩 Preparation and seizing opportunities are key factors in achieving success.


my name is Brian Nicole and there are a couple of things I remember about my childhood in the early 90s when my parents came home one day the black and white Great Wall TV to get a bit of color when my parents bought my brother a number of toys that were battery powered one of them was a tractor that I loved so much when I believed that all these t... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Brian's fascination with technology influence his career choice?

Brian's childhood experiences with battery-powered toys and seeing electricians climbing poles sparked his interest in technology, particularly in becoming an engineer.

Q: What motivated Brian to create a social media platform for African users?

Brian was driven by a desire to showcase African innovation and give African users a platform to connect and share their experiences.

Q: How did Brian manage to launch a social media platform with limited resources?

Brian faced challenges in putting together a team and creating a sustainable business model. He reached out to 21 companies for support and learned from his mistakes along the way.

Q: What was the outcome of Brian's industrial attachment project?

Brian successfully developed a pilot project for a water and energy company, which now serves over 700 people and helps differentiate the company's products through remote support and after-sales services.


In this video, Brian Nicole shares his childhood memories and how he developed a passion for technology. He talks about his journey of building a social media platform and his experience working in a large corporation. He emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurship and maintaining focus and productivity in demanding situations. Brian also reflects on the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned along the way.

Questions & Answers

Q: What childhood memories inspired Brian's passion for technology?

Brian remembers when his parents bought a color TV and battery-powered toys for his brother. These experiences made him believe that these technological advancements were meant for him. He also recalls seeing electricians climb poles with ease, which fascinated him.

Q: How did Brian's interest in technology develop further in school?

Brian first encountered computers when he was in seventh grade at a boarding school. Although the computers he saw were black, he was captivated by the games and the potential they held for the future. He wanted to be a part of that world for longer but had to change schools due to circumstances.

Q: Why did Brian feel discouraged about his future in technology when he had to switch to a day school?

Brian was disheartened when he had to switch to a day school for his final year of primary school. He felt like he wouldn't have the same opportunities to be part of the technological advancements that computers were bringing to society. It made him question if he would still be able to contribute to the future of technology.

Q: How did Brian's ambition push him to create a social media platform?

Brian's ambition led him to study subjects related to technology and entrepreneurship. He wanted to create a social media platform for young people in Africa that could be used by the whole world. He wanted to prove that Africa, specifically Kenya, had a place in the global innovation realm.

Q: What challenges did Brian face while building the social media platform?

Brian struggled to put together a team and a sustainable business model for the social media platform. He found it difficult to gain traction with marketing and had limited resources to work with. Despite these challenges, he learned valuable lessons that shaped his perspective and propelled him forward.

Q: How did Brian's industrial attachment contribute to his growth as an engineer and entrepreneur?

Brian embarked on an industrial attachment at a water and energy company. He saw it as an opportunity to practice his passion for engineering and develop something within an industry setting. He faced challenges, broke things, and learned important lessons about teamwork and meeting deadlines.

Q: What did Brian achieve during his industrial attachment?

During his industrial attachment, Brian worked on a pilot project to build a remote management system for water pumps. This project now serves over 700 people in East Africa and helps the company differentiate its products and provide remote support and after-sales services. It was a project that Brian single-handedly put together.

Q: What does Brian believe is the essence of entrepreneurship?

Brian believes that entrepreneurship is what keeps companies agile, innovative, and profitable. It ignites innovation and helps individuals create a future within corporations. He sees entrepreneurship as a way to bring about positive change and make a lasting impact.

Q: How did Brian maintain his focus and productivity while working on a demanding project?

Brian mentions that maintaining focus and productivity requires building meaningful relationships, motivating others through exemplary leadership, promoting collaboration, and subscribing to a visionary outlook. It also involves immersing oneself in the project, pouring one's heart into it, and staying resilient.

Q: What lesson did Brian learn through his journey of struggle and resilience?

Brian believes that the struggles he faced allowed him to discover his strengths and capabilities. It was through these challenges that he learned about himself and his ability to navigate complex situations. He also learned the importance of being prepared and seizing opportunities when they arise.


Through his personal journey, Brian Nicole highlights the significance of passion, perseverance, and preparation. He emphasizes the need to embrace opportunities and continually learn and grow. Brian's story inspires us to pursue our passions, master our skills, and make a positive impact in our chosen fields.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Brian reminisces about his childhood experiences, including his fascination with technology and his early exposure to computers.

  • He describes his ambition to create a social media platform for African users and his journey in launching the platform with limited resources.

  • Brian shares his experience during his industrial attachment and the development of a pilot project that helps a company differentiate its products and provide remote support.

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