Every Student, One MUN | Jonas Bruns | TEDxUnited Lisbon International School | Summary and Q&A

September 27, 2023
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Every Student, One MUN | Jonas Bruns | TEDxUnited Lisbon International School

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In this video, the speaker discusses their experience participating in a Model United Nations conference and how it led to the development of a software platform for better debate and collaboration. They highlight the importance of understanding different perspectives and valuing diversity in finding solutions to global issues. The speaker encourages viewers to get involved in Model United Nations conferences, start their own clubs, and organize conferences to promote peace, combat hunger, and fight against climate change.

Questions & Answers

Q: How did the speaker become involved in Model United Nations?

The speaker became involved in Model United Nations when they were in grade 11 and their teacher asked for volunteers to join a student conference trip. They raised their hand because it meant having a day off school.

Q: What was the experience like in the Model United Nations conference?

In the conference, each student was assigned a country and a UN committee to represent. The speaker was assigned Pakistan and the United Nations Security Council. They had to defend the country's position on the Middle East conflict, even if it conflicted with their personal beliefs. This experience taught them to understand and value different perspectives.

Q: How did the speaker's experience in Model United Nations influence their worldview?

The speaker learned that what they believed to be true or the best solution may not be the same for others. This realization was enriching and made them appreciate the diversity of opinions and beliefs. It shaped their desire to explore the world and see things from different perspectives.

Q: Why does the speaker compare Model United Nations conferences to TEDx events?

The speaker compares Model United Nations conferences to TEDx events because they both have a similar format but without a central agency. Anyone can organize a Model United Nations conference, just like anyone can organize a TEDx event. These conferences happen in schools and universities worldwide.

Q: How does the speaker believe that Model United Nations can bring positive change?

The speaker believes that Model United Nations acts as a vaccine to combat global issues. Just like a vaccine gives a small dose of a disease to build immunity, Model United Nations exposes students to different perspectives and teaches them how to tackle arguments, value diversity, and bring about peace, end hunger, and fight climate change.

Q: What motivated the speaker to start developing software for better debate and collaboration?

After serving as a chairperson in a large Model United Nations conference in New York, the speaker felt disillusioned by the inefficiencies in sharing documents and counting votes. They wanted to create a better solution and started making sketches for a voting and document-sharing software.

Q: How did the pandemic impact the development of the software?

The pandemic provided an opportunity for the speaker and their friends to focus on developing the software. They saw the need for better online conferencing tools and wanted to improve the voting and document-sharing experience for virtual conferences.

Q: What is the goal of the speaker's team in running the world's largest emulated platform?

The speaker and their team aim to make Model United Nations conferences more engaging, accessible, and easier to host. They want every student to participate in at least one Model United Nations conference to experience its transformative aspects.

Q: How can individuals contribute to the growth of Model United Nations?

Individuals can get involved by attending conferences, starting Model United Nations clubs in their communities and schools, and organizing conferences themselves. By spreading the word about Model United Nations, more students can participate and contribute to finding solutions to global issues.

Q: What does the speaker believe about the potential of Model United Nations?

The speaker believes that Model United Nations is the vaccine to end war, hunger, and climate change. They acknowledge that the development of this vaccine will always improve and they encourage viewers to share their ideas and be the voice to promote and spread the concept of Model United Nations.


Participating in Model United Nations conferences can have a transformative impact on students by exposing them to different perspectives and teaching them valuable skills in debate and collaboration. The development of software to enhance these conferences can make them more accessible and engaging. By getting involved in Model United Nations, individuals have the opportunity to contribute to promoting peace, combatting hunger, and fighting against climate change. It is through collective effort and spreading awareness that the concept of Model United Nations can reach more students and have a greater impact on global issues.

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