Casey Neistat's YouTube Life | Summary and Q&A

May 10, 2016
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Casey Neistat's YouTube Life


Casey Neistat discusses his journey from being a filmmaker to a social media celebrity and his latest venture, a technology startup called Beam. He talks about his approach to different platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook, and the challenges of building and launching his own platform.

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Key Insights

  • 😌 Casey Neistat's success lies in his ability to share his ideas and perspectives across multiple platforms, catering to different audience preferences.
  • 🧑‍🏭 Beam, Casey's technology startup, aims to simplify video sharing by separating the act of creation from the act of sharing, making it more accessible to non-creative individuals.
  • 🏛️ Casey's experience with building a startup highlights the challenges of fundraising, the importance of mentorship, and the need for continuous adaptation and improvement.
  • 👤 The initial launch of Beam was met with enthusiasm, but further refinement was required to meet users' expectations.
  • ☠️ Casey's transparency about the company's burn rate and status of fundraising reflects his openness and commitment to the success of Beam.
  • 👤 The potential future of Beam depends on user response and engagement, which will ultimately determine the direction the company takes in terms of further development and growth.
  • 🍉 Casey's influence and YouTube reach contribute to initial download numbers but do not guarantee long-term sustained usage of the platform.


awesome we're here so I didn't see um who knows who Casey is who watches Casey's vlogs every day just soon okay okay so Casey if you don't know who he is you guess you're an entrepreneur who has an amazing content studio then you became the social media celebrity and now you're starting a technology startup right yeah that's pretty that's I'll take... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why are people so obsessed with Casey Neistat?

Casey attributes it to his good looks, but it could also be because of his engaging content and unique approach to storytelling across various platforms.

Q: How does Casey approach different platforms like YouTube and Snapchat?

Casey focuses on creating interesting stories and moments for his YouTube channel, while on Snapchat, he tries to compartmentalize experiences into singular events with a beginning, middle, and end.

Q: Which platform is made for Casey Neistat the most?

Casey believes YouTube is the ultimate way to distribute film and video, and it is the platform where he started and continues to thrive.

Q: Why did Casey start vlogging every day?

Casey started daily vlogging as a way to promote his technology startup and keep himself active in the social media space while focusing on building his company.

Q: How did Casey approach building his own platform, Beam?

Casey wanted to create a simple and raw way for people to share video content without the need for extensive editing or manipulation. He aimed to bridge the gap between creative individuals and those who are not typically inclined towards creating content.

Q: How did the initial launch of Beam go?

The beta launch had positive results, with significant downloads and video sharing. However, the product needed further refinement and restructuring to better align with users' expectations.

Q: How has Beam been performing since its relaunch?

Casey mentions impressive download numbers and high engagement, but emphasizes that it is still too early to make conclusive statements. He acknowledges the advantage his YouTube reach provides but believes users will only continue using Beam if they genuinely enjoy the platform.


Casey Neistat, an entrepreneur and social media celebrity, discusses his experience with different platforms, his technology startup Beam, and the challenges of fundraising. He talks about his approach to each platform, the motivation behind vlogging daily, and the development and launch of Beam. Neistat also shares insights into the fundraising process and the current state of the product.

Questions & Answers

Q: Why are people obsessed with Casey Neistat?

Casey speculates that it might be due to his amazing good looks, but he ultimately doesn't know why people are obsessed with him. He tries to avoid looking at social platforms like Reddit where people discuss his personal details, as it can be overwhelming.

Q: How does Casey dominate different platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram?

Casey believes that people subscribe to a perspective and set of ideas, and he adapts his approach to each platform accordingly. He sees Twitter as great for sharing ideas, Instagram for sharing images, YouTube for sharing videos, and Snapchat for sharing short, clever clips. Despite being present on multiple platforms, he ensures each one has a specific purpose.

Q: How does Casey approach Snapchat?

Casey finds Snapchat the hardest platform to use as it runs parallel to his YouTube channel. He uses Snapchat to share singular events and aims to create a story with a beginning, middle, and end. He tries to avoid sharing his entire life on Snapchat, unlike his YouTube vlogs.

Q: Which platform suits Casey the most?

Casey believes YouTube is the platform that suits him the most. It offers a romantic way of distributing film and video content without facing the bureaucratic layers and levels found in mainstream television.

Q: Why did Casey start vlogging daily?

Casey initially started daily vlogging as a way to promote his technology startup, Beam, while leveraging his social reach. His focus on building his company led to a decline in his social reach, and he thought daily vlogging would be a great way to keep his audience engaged and to talk about his tech company while creating content.

Q: What is Beam, and why did Casey start his own platform?

Beam is a video-sharing platform that allows users to share what they see without creating a video. Casey and his co-founder, Matt Hackett, wanted to separate the act of creation from the act of sharing. Beam simplifies the process, removing the need for editing, manipulation, and previewing, focusing solely on sharing interesting content.

Q: Why did Casey create a platform that limits creativity?

Casey believes not everyone identifies as a creative person or wants to spend hours editing a video. Beam provides an avenue for those individuals to share content without the pressure of being creative. It allows for raw and truthful sharing, appealing to a wider audience beyond traditional creative outlets.

Q: Would Casey abandon YouTube if his audience was on Beam?

Casey would not abandon YouTube even if his audience moved to Beam. He sees the social space and communication platforms as an evolution rather than a destination. Each platform has its purpose, and he would continue creating content on YouTube while exploring opportunities on Beam.

Q: How did the beta launch of Beam go?

The beta launch of Beam had a broken product, but it still received positive feedback from users. Despite the product's flaws, tens of thousands of users continued to use it daily and formed active communities. Casey and his team learned a lot about what worked and what needed improvement during the beta phase.

Q: How has Beam performed since its official launch?

Eight days after the official launch, Beam has seen over 100,000 downloads on iOS and around 175,000 downloads on Android. The engagement has been good, with one million four video clips shared in the first eight days. Casey is cautiously optimistic about the future and believes his YouTube reach alone is not enough to sustain user engagement on Beam.

Q: How was fundraising for Beam as a celebrity?

Fundraising was challenging, and Casey attributes their success partly to his name recognition and his co-founder's experience in the tech industry. They were fortunate to have supporters from the friends and family stage, as well as mentors who helped navigate the fundraising process. They raised around $6 million and are exploring additional funding opportunities.

Q: How much money does Beam currently have and what is the burn rate?

Beam has 11 full-time employees, with 10 being technical and one focusing on social media. The monthly burn rate is just under $200,000. Casey mentions that they maintain a level of stability, keeping a close eye on their finances and considering future plans. They are currently exploring opportunities, including additional fundraising.


Casey Neistat's journey from traditional filmmaking to social media celebrity and entrepreneur has given him valuable insights into different platforms and the development of his own startup, Beam. He emphasizes the importance of adapting to each platform's purpose and audience, while also recognizing the need for simplicity and accessibility in sharing content. Neistat's fundraising experience demonstrates the challenges of obtaining funding, even with personal recognition, and the constant need to evaluate the future of the product. Beam's initial success highlights the potential for its unique sharing features, but the true impact and sustainability are yet to be fully determined.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Casey Neistat discusses his transition from traditional filmmaking to embracing the digital spectrum and utilizing various social media platforms to share his ideas and perspectives.

  • He explains his approach to different platforms, such as sharing videos and movies on YouTube, short clips on Snapchat, and ideas on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Casey talks about his motivation for starting a daily vlog on YouTube and how it led to the creation of his technology startup, Beam.

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