Building a Startup is About Solving a Problem - Avni Patel Thompson of Poppy | Summary and Q&A

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Building a Startup is About Solving a Problem - Avni Patel Thompson of Poppy


Anne, the founder of Poppy, shares her journey of starting a childcare startup after the failure of her first startup, and the challenges and successes she faced along the way.

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Key Insights

  • 🌱 Anne, the co-founder and CEO of Poppy, started the company to address her own concerns about finding reliable childcare for her daughters and to create opportunities for caregivers. Poppy now serves thousands of families in Seattle.
  • 🚀 Anne's journey from shutting down her first startup to founding Poppy showcases the importance of perseverance and setting goals. She applied to YC multiple times before being accepted and used her setbacks and learnings to fuel her success.
  • 💡 Anne learned important lessons about starting a startup: prioritize curiosity and frustration over passion, talk to users instead of experts, focus on solving a problem rather than building a perfect product, view funding as valuable time to run experiments, and choose one metric to consistently grow.
  • 💪 Starting and continuing as a founder can be challenging, but Anne emphasizes the importance of finding your people and building your own village for support. Anne encourages aspiring founders to start and keep going, regardless of setbacks or adversity.
  • 💼 Anne concludes by acknowledging that the world needs more female founders and that anyone, regardless of their background, can set goals, start a business, and achieve success.


hi everyone good afternoon how's everyone doing oh this is really great I'm so excited to be here today my name is Anne I'm the co-founder and CEO of poppy we're building the modern Village by connecting vetted caregivers to families when they need child care I started poppy not because I'm an expert in the field or because I have a deep passion fo... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Anne's experiences with her first startup influence her approach to starting Poppy?

Anne's experiences with her first startup taught her the importance of focusing on solving a problem rather than building a perfect product. She also learned the value of talking to users and iterating based on their feedback. These lessons influenced her approach to starting Poppy, where she focused on growing the company and solving the problem of finding reliable childcare.

Q: How did Anne overcome the challenge of not having a technical background when building Poppy?

When Anne realized she couldn't afford to hire a programmer, she got creative and used existing tools like SMS and Excel to approximate the user experience of her app. This allowed her to test the concept and validate demand before investing in a fully developed platform. She later found a technical partner who helped her build a more sophisticated version of the product.

Q: What role did Y Combinator (YC) play in the success of Poppy?

While Poppy initially faced rejection from YC, they saw potential in the company and invited Anne to reapply. YC's acceptance gave Poppy credibility and provided funding and support to help the company grow. YC's guidance and network also helped Poppy secure additional funding from a seed VC firm.

Q: How did Anne approach the challenge of funding and managing the financial aspects of her startup?

Anne realized that funding was not just about the money, but about buying time and running experiments to prove the viability of the business. She focused on finding metrics that were important for her company's growth, such as bookings filled, and consistently worked towards increasing those metrics. She also emphasized the importance of finding a good team and a support system to navigate the financial challenges of being a startup founder.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Anne started Poppy after feeling anxious about leaving her daughters in the care of unknown caregivers.

  • She faced challenges with her first startup, but learned valuable lessons about building a product, talking to users, and focusing on growth.

  • Anne found a technical partner, secured funding, and grew Poppy into a successful childcare platform.

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