BOOK GENRE SWAP! | Summary and Q&A

October 18, 2019
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Booktuber explores potential genre changes for popular authors, suggesting Leigh Bardugo for historical fiction and Rick Riordan for sci-fi.

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Key Insights

  • ✍️ Authors have distinct writing styles and strengths that could be explored in different genres.
  • 🌍 Leigh Bardugo's world-building and character development skills could make her a great historical fiction writer.
  • 💦 Victoria Schwab's ability to create tension between characters would work well in a contemporary enemies-to-lovers story.
  • 👶 Nicola Yoon could bring new perspectives and depth to the fantasy genre with her talent for covering important topics and exploring multiple viewpoints.
  • 😆 Rick Riordan's charming and adventurous writing style could make him successful in the sci-fi genre.
  • 😮 Sarah J. Maas's talent for crafting surprises and twists could make her a formidable writer in the murder mystery genre, with a potential focus on dark characters.


hey yo what's good reader fam welcome back to my channel hope you're doing well hope you got lots of sleep last night and I hope you're feeling some good vibes today today I'm gonna be book genre swapping some authors and I'll explain what that means in a minute because I'm sure you might be confused by what that even means as you probably are with... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why does the booktuber believe Leigh Bardugo would excel at writing historical fiction?

The booktuber praises Bardugo's world-building skills and attention to detail, which would lend itself well to creating a realistic historical setting. Additionally, Bardugo's ability to create well-rounded characters would enhance the depth of a historical fiction story.

Q: What specific historical event could be an interesting subject for Bardugo's historical fiction novel?

The booktuber suggests the Great Train Robbery of 1963 as a potential topic. While Bardugo has already explored heists in her books, this event could provide a fresh angle and allow her to showcase her skills in historical research and storytelling.

Q: Why does the booktuber think Victoria Schwab should try her hand at contemporary fiction?

Schwab's books often contain elements of magic and the supernatural, so the booktuber believes it would be interesting to see her tackle a story without those elements. Schwab's talent for writing tension between characters could make her particularly adept at crafting an enemies-to-lovers storyline in a contemporary setting.

Q: What genre does the booktuber believe Nicola Yoon should venture into?

The booktuber thinks that Yoon, known for her contemporary novels with a touch of magic, would excel in the fantasy genre. Yoon's ability to bring depth to her characters and cover a variety of important topics would make her a strong fantasy writer.

Q: What type of fantasy story could Nicola Yoon bring to the genre?

The booktuber suggests Yoon could bring a unique perspective to the genre by exploring the journey of characters through the eyes of a magical object, such as a wand passed down through generations. This would allow her to incorporate her talent for showcasing different perspectives and add a new dimension to the fantasy genre.

Q: Why does the booktuber believe Rick Riordan would be successful in the sci-fi genre?

The booktuber believes that Riordan's charming and adventure-filled writing style would translate well to sci-fi. Riordan has already integrated mythology into his books, so it would be interesting to see him explore alien-human hybrids wreaking havoc in space.

Q: Does the booktuber have any concerns about Sarah J. Maas writing a murder mystery?

The booktuber acknowledges that Maas writes dark characters effectively, but expresses concern that a murder mystery from her in the contemporary genre might veer too heavily into romance. However, the booktuber appreciates Maas's ability to craft twists and surprises, which could make her murder mystery stand out.

Q: What unique twist does the booktuber suggest for Sarah J. Maas's murder mystery?

The booktuber proposes that Maas could write from the perspective of a killer, leading the reader to believe they are reading through the killer's eyes until a shocking reveal at the end. This would play into Maas's talent for creating tension and surprising twists in her stories.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The content is a booktuber discussing the idea of authors writing in different genres, using the example of Leigh Bardugo potentially writing a historical fiction novel and Rick Riordan venturing into sci-fi.

  • The video highlights the characteristics of each author's writing style and explores how they could bring their unique attributes to different genres.

  • The booktuber also theorizes about the types of stories and themes that these authors could delve into if they were to switch genres.

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