Apple Vision Pro Review: Tomorrow's Ideas... Today's Tech! | Summary and Q&A

January 20, 1970
Marques Brownlee
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Apple Vision Pro Review: Tomorrow's Ideas... Today's Tech!


The Apple Vision Pro VR headset offers a new and interesting experience, with impressive display quality, immersive features, advanced passthrough technology, and an ecosystem that integrates seamlessly with Apple devices.

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Key Insights

  • 👶 The Vision Pro offers a new and exciting experience, introducing features that are unique to Apple.
  • 😫 The display quality, with its high resolution and color accuracy, sets the Vision Pro apart from other VR headsets.
  • 👻 Passthrough technology allows users to see and interact with the real world seamlessly, making it useful for various applications.
  • 👤 The ecosystem integration enhances the overall convenience and user experience.
  • 😀 App availability is currently limited, but as the technology advances, more apps are expected to be developed.
  • 😩 Comfort is a concern, as the weight and strap options affect the overall wearing experience.
  • ❓ The Vision Pro has shortcomings and downsides typical of a first-generation product, but its potential for future improvements and developments is promising.


  • I actually love this thing. I love this thing, not because it's flawless or anything, it is far from flawless, but because it's actually interesting. Like, don't forget the last two, three years of Apple Product review comments are just, "That's boring, oh, it's just a spec bump, there's nothing really new here, oh, they hardly change anything or... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does the display quality of the Vision Pro compare to other VR headsets?

The Vision Pro boasts the sharpest and best-looking micro-OLED display among other VR headsets. Its high pixel density and color accuracy contribute to a superior visual experience.

Q: Does the Vision Pro offer a wider field of view?

The field of view is a downside of the Vision Pro, as it is slightly smaller than expected. However, the center of the display remains sharp and impressive.

Q: Are there many apps available for the Vision Pro?

As of the launch, there are only around 600 apps specifically designed for the Vision Pro. While the available apps are impressive, the selection is still limited compared to other headsets.

Q: Is the Vision Pro comfortable to wear?

The Vision Pro comes with two straps: the Solo Knit strap and the Dual Loop band. While the Solo Knit strap offers a stylish look and quick adjustments, it can be uncomfortable for extended use. The Dual Loop band provides better weight distribution and overall comfort.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The Apple Vision Pro VR headset is a new and interesting product that stands out from previous Apple releases.

  • The headset offers a high-quality micro-OLED display, with no screen door effect and a sharp, vibrant image.

  • The device utilizes eye-tracking and foveated rendering to provide the best resolution in areas of focus, resulting in an immersive experience.

  • The passthrough technology is exceptional, allowing users to interact with the real world while wearing the headset.

  • The ecosystem integration, including iMessage, photos, FaceTime, and Mac Virtual Display, enhances the overall experience.

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