The Man Who Invented Fidel: Herbert L. Matthews of The New York Times and the Creation of Castro's Cuba

By Anthony DePalma
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"The Man Who Invented Fidel" by Anthony DePalma is an intriguing exploration of the fascinating life and legacy of an influential yet lesser-known figure in Cuban history. DePalma's meticulously researched and vividly narrated account brings to light the captivating story of Antonio de la Cova, a Cuban journalist and political operative who played a pivotal role in shaping Fidel Castro's rise to power.

In this gripping biography, DePalma delves into de la Cova's early years, tracing his humble origins and self-made path to success as a prominent journalist in Havana. As de la Cova's career flourishes, he becomes increasingly involved in covert political operations, using his connections and persuasive skills to shape public opinion and manipulate the media landscape.

DePalma masterfully uncovers the complex web of relationships and events that led de la Cova to foster a personal relationship with Fidel Castro. Drawing on extensive interviews and archival research, the author reveals de la Cova's instrumental role in molding Castro's public image, fueling his revolutionary ideology, and ultimately paving the way for his ascent to power.

"The Man Who Invented Fidel" offers a nuanced portrait of de la Cova, showcasing his ambitions, political acumen, and ideological fervor. Through DePalma's keen analysis, readers gain insight into the psychology and tactics of a man who sought to shape history and shape a nation.

In addition to chronicling de la Cova's journey, this captivating biography also sheds light on the broader social and political context of pre-revolutionary Cuba. DePalma's detailed descriptions transport readers to the turbulent milieu of the mid-20th century, immersing them in the complexities of Cuban politics and the broader Cold War dynamics.

"The Man Who Invented Fidel" is a must-read for those interested in Cuban history, political intrigue, and the forces that shaped one of the most consequential revolutions of the 20th century. With its engaging narrative and meticulous research, this book offers a unique perspective on the enigmatic figure of Antonio de la Cova and his significant impact on the rise of Fidel Castro.
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