Son of the Morning Star: Custer and The Little Bighorn

By Evan S. Connell
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"Son of the Morning Star" by Evan S. Connell is a gripping and meticulously researched account of the life and legend of General George Armstrong Custer. In this vivid historical narrative, Connell delves into the complex character and exploits of one of America's most controversial military figures.

The book opens with a detailed examination of Custer's early life and his rise through the ranks of the Union Army during the Civil War. Connell explores Custer's unyielding ambition and his audacious leadership on the battlefield, which garnered him both admiration and criticism.

Moving beyond the Civil War, Connell delves into Custer's involvement in the Indian Wars, particularly the infamous Battle of Little Bighorn. With sharp insight, Connell provides a balanced perspective on the events leading up to Custer's ill-fated last stand, examining the political and cultural factors that defined the clash between the U.S. Army and Native American tribes.

Connell's meticulous research is evident throughout the book, as he draws from a wide range of primary sources including personal letters, journal entries, and historical testimonies. This meticulous attention to detail allows him to paint a vivid and authentic picture of the time period.

In "Son of the Morning Star," Connell masterfully intertwines Custer's personal life with the larger historical events that shaped his career. From his relationships with his wife, Libbie, and his mistress, Monahseetah, to his interactions with fellow officers and Native American leaders, Connell reveals the complexities of Custer's personality and the impact this had on his military strategies.

By the end of the book, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of Custer's life and legacy, as Connell expertly navigates the maze of myth and truth surrounding this iconic figure in American history. "Son of the Morning Star" is a testament to Connell's remarkable storytelling and his ability to bring history to life.
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