Silently Seduced: When Parents Make Their Children Partners

By Kenneth Adams
Self Help
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"Silently Seduced" by Kenneth Adams is a profound exploration of the covert emotional incest dynamic that exists within certain parent-child relationships. Adams delves into the complex dynamics of ‘parentification’ where a parent emotionally relies on their child for support and companionship, blurring the boundaries between healthy parental roles and romantic partnerships. Drawing from his extensive clinical experience and case studies, Adams provides a compassionate and insightful guide for those who have experienced covert emotional incest, helping them understand the impact it has on their psychological well-being and relationships. With practical advice and healing strategies, Adams empowers readers to break free from the damaging effects of silent seduction, to establish healthier boundaries, and to cultivate more authentic connections with others. Through rich anecdotes and expert analysis, "Silently Seduced" promises readers a path to reclaiming their emotional autonomy and building healthier, more fulfilling relationships.
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