By John McPhee
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Oranges by John McPhee is a captivating and informative exploration of the citrus industry.

In this meticulously researched book, McPhee takes readers on a journey through the fields, groves, and history of oranges. He provides a fascinating look at the complex process of cultivating and harvesting these vibrant fruits.

With vivid descriptions and personal anecdotes, McPhee delves into the science of orange growing, explaining the intricacies of grafting, bud selection, and pest control. Readers will gain a newfound appreciation for the meticulous labor that goes into producing the oranges we enjoy.

But Oranges is not just a technical manual. McPhee also reveals the social and economic impacts of the citrus industry, delving into the lives and struggles of the individuals who dedicate their livelihoods to this labor-intensive work. He sheds light on the challenges faced by growers, packers, and laborers, as well as the environmental concerns surrounding this vital industry.

Written in McPhee's signature style - clear, concise, and compelling - Oranges is an engaging and thought-provoking read. With his trademark blend of scientific precision and storytelling prowess, McPhee will undoubtedly leave readers with a newfound appreciation for the humble orange.

Whether you have a passing interest in agriculture, an appreciation for delicious citrus, or are simply curious about the workings of a fascinating industry, Oranges is a must-read. McPhee's carefully crafted prose and passionate exploration will leave you wanting to learn even more about this essential fruit.
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