Models of My Life

By Herbert Simon
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"Models of My Life" by Herbert Simon offers a captivating memoir and intellectual autobiography of one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century. Tracing his personal journey from his early years in Milwaukee to his groundbreaking work in economics, cognitive psychology, and artificial intelligence, Simon provides a comprehensive account of his life's work.

Simon unravels his experiences in academia, entrepreneurship, and public policy, demonstrating how his interdisciplinary approach revolutionized various fields. With remarkable clarity and insight, he delves into the development of his decision-making theories, notably the concept of bounded rationality, which challenged the prevailing assumptions in economics.

Moreover, Simon reflects on his collaborations with renowned figures, such as Allen Newell, and sheds light on his pioneering forays into computer simulation and artificial intelligence, ultimately setting the stage for the cognitive revolution.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Simon elucidates his engagement in public affairs, including his work as a consultant to government agencies and his involvement in shaping public policy. His reflections on the role of social sciences, ethics, and moral decision-making showcase his commitment to navigating complex societal challenges.

"Models of My Life" is a fascinating account of a brilliant scholar's life, offering not only personal anecdotes but also profound insights into the genesis of groundbreaking ideas that continue to shape our understanding of the world. Whether one is interested in science, technology, or public policy, Simon's memoir provides a captivating exploration of the intersections between diverse disciplines and the profound impact of one individual's intellectual pursuits.
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