Means Of Ascent

By Robert Caro
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"Means of Ascent" by Robert Caro is the second book in his monumental biography of Lyndon B. Johnson, focusing on his political rise during the years 1941 to 1948.

Caro delves into the fiercely competitive 1941 Senate race in Texas, highlighting Johnson's ruthless ambition and unscrupulous tactics that propelled him to victory. Through detailed research and interviews, Caro presents a vivid account of how Johnson's relentless pursuit of power shaped his character.

The book then moves forward to Johnson's controversial service in World War II, showcasing his ability to manipulate his way into influential positions and build connections with influential figures. Caro uncovers the conflicting narratives surrounding Johnson's war record, revealing the extent of his manipulative nature.

Caro also explores Johnson's tumultuous relationship with his wife Lady Bird and his extramarital affairs, offering insight into his complex personal life. These aspects of his character, along with his political maneuvering, shed light on the darker side of Johnson's rise to power.

In "Means of Ascent," Caro delivers a gripping narrative that combines meticulous research with a captivating storytelling style. The book provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of Lyndon B. Johnson's political and personal journey, revealing the ambition and cunning behind his ascent to power.
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