Every Life Is On Fire: How Thermodynamics Explains the Origins of Living Things

By Jeremy England
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"Every Life Is On Fire" by Jeremy England is a profound exploration of the origins of life and the physics behind it. In this transformative book, England challenges the prevailing theories of evolution and delves into the principles of thermodynamics and information theory to reveal a new understanding of life's emergence.

Addressing fundamental questions about the nature of life, England outlines a theory that posits life as a natural consequence of physical laws inherent in the universe. He argues that life is not a chance occurrence but rather an expected outcome in a universe driven by energy dissipation and information processing.

Through a combination of scientific research, theoretical analyses, and thought experiments, England presents a compelling argument for the thermodynamics of life. He delves into the profound implications this theory has for our understanding of evolution, consciousness, and the possibility of life existing beyond Earth.

Engaging and accessible, "Every Life Is On Fire" brings together cutting-edge physics, biology, and philosophy to present a groundbreaking perspective on the nature of life itself. This thought-provoking book challenges readers to reconsider the origin and meaning of existence, leaving them with a deep sense of wonder and awe for the complex and interconnected world we inhabit.
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