Creating Shareholder Value: A Guide For Managers And Investors

By Alfred Rappaport
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"Creating Shareholder Value" by Alfred Rappaport is a comprehensive guide that examines the fundamental principles and strategies necessary to maximize shareholder value in any organization.

Rappaport explores the concept of shareholder value, emphasizing its significance as the ultimate measure of a company's success. He stresses the importance of aligning corporate objectives with the interests of shareholders, debunking common myths that undermine this alignment.

Throughout the book, Rappaport presents a framework for value-based management, detailing how managers can make strategic decisions that boost shareholder value. He explains the concepts of economic value added (EVA) and market value added (MVA), demonstrating their value in evaluating financial performance and guiding investment decisions.

Rappaport highlights the significance of creating value through strategic investments and acquisitions, as well as through efficient use of resources and effective capital allocation. He provides practical advice on various topics, including performance measurement, executive compensation, and shareholder communications.

In addition, Rappaport delves into the complex issue of managing in a world of short-term pressures, advocating for a long-term perspective that prioritizes sustainable value creation. He addresses the tension between satisfying the demands of short-term investors and fostering long-term growth and profitability.

"Creating Shareholder Value" serves as an invaluable resource for executives, managers, and investors, equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance shareholder value and drive sustainable growth. Rappaport's accessible writing style and illustrative examples make this book a must-read for anyone interested in understanding and implementing effective value-based management strategies.
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