Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History

By Dan Flores
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"Coyote America" by Dan Flores is an enthralling and comprehensive exploration of one of the most resilient and adaptive creatures in North America - the coyote. Drawing on scientific research, historical accounts, and personal anecdotes, Flores sheds light on the coyote's remarkable ability to survive and thrive in the face of human expansion and environmental challenges.

Through his vivid descriptions and captivating storytelling, Flores delves into the coyote's complex social structure, their ecological impact, and their often misunderstood interactions with humans. He reveals how coyotes have managed to expand their range across the continent, adapting to various landscapes and climates along the way.

Flores also dives into the coyote's mythical and cultural significance, where they have been characterized as tricksters and symbols of survival. He explores the role of coyotes in Native American folklore, highlighting their integral place in indigenous traditions and beliefs.

With meticulous research and a deep love for the subject, Flores invites readers to reconsider their perceptions of coyotes, urging a greater understanding and respect for these fascinating creatures. "Coyote America" is a thought-provoking and eye-opening exploration of the wild and resilient spirit of the coyote, elevating their status from mere pests to an integral part of the American landscape.
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