Lecture 1 | Programming Methodology (Stanford) | Summary and Q&A

July 2, 2008
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Lecture 1 | Programming Methodology (Stanford)

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This video is an introduction to the CS 106a class. The instructor provides information about the logistics, expectations, and grading for the course.

Questions & Answers

Q: What does the CS 106a class cover?

The CS 106a class is an introductory programming course that focuses on teaching good software engineering principles. It uses the Java programming language as a means to learn and apply these principles.

Q: Do I need any previous programming experience for this class?

No, previous programming experience is not required for this class. The instructor assures that all necessary knowledge will be taught from the ground up. Even those with no programming experience can succeed in this class.

Q: How are assignments graded?

Assignments in this class are graded on a scale ranging from check minus to check plus plus. A check represents a solid program that meets all the requirements, while check plus plus represents an exceptional program that goes beyond the requirements. The grading scale allows students to strive for excellence and provides constructive feedback for improvement.

Q: Can I get extensions for assignments?

Yes, students are given two free late days, which can be used as extensions for assignments. These late days can be split between different assignments and must be used responsibly. Extensions beyond the two free late days are typically not granted unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as a death in the family or a serious medical issue.

Q: Are there exams in this class?

Yes, there are two exams in this class: a midterm and a final. The midterm is an out-of-class exam that takes place on a specific date. If a student has a conflict with the exam time, they must contact the instructor to discuss alternative arrangements.


In this video, the instructor provides an introduction to the CS 106a class, covering logistics, grading, and expectations. The class aims to teach good software engineering principles through the Java programming language. Previous programming experience is not required, and assignments are graded on a scale that allows for growth and improvement. Students are given two free late days for assignment extensions, and exams are held throughout the quarter.

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