Jordan Peterson on Joker | Summary and Q&A

January 25, 2022
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Jordan Peterson on Joker

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This video discusses Joachim Phoenix's performance in the movie Joker, highlighting his charismatic acting skills and the way he carries the film single-handedly. The movie explores themes of resentment and the consequences of a troubled childhood. Phoenix's ability to create a sympathetic character is attributed to his own difficult experiences in life. Additionally, his masculine features combined with graceful and conscious movements make him an extraordinarily charismatic actor.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the main theme explored in the movie Joker?

The movie Joker delves into the theme of resentment, focusing on a man who was forced to be nice by his abusive mother. This man, who had a difficult childhood, eventually becomes a role model for catastrophe in society. Essentially, the story can be seen as a modern interpretation of the biblical character Cain.

Q: How does Joachim Phoenix's performance influence the success of the movie?

Phoenix's performance is crucial to the success of the movie as he carries the entire film on his shoulders. His portrayal of the character in Joker is both compelling and captivating. Through his acting, Phoenix creates a character that the audience can sympathize with, despite his actions. This ability to make the character relatable is a testament to his acting talent.

Q: What makes Joachim Phoenix's acting style so charismatic?

Phoenix's charisma as an actor stems from a combination of factors. Firstly, his physical appearance plays a significant role. He possesses masculine features that are carved and strong, which give him a captivating presence on screen. Additionally, his gracefulness in every movement is like a dance, and this conscious control over his actions captivates the audience. Phoenix is able to integrate this feminine grace into his masculine characters, making him exceptionally charismatic.

Q: How does Phoenix's own difficult life contribute to his ability to create sympathetic characters?

Joachim Phoenix's own personal experiences of hardship and challenges in life allow him to tap into a deep well of emotions when portraying characters with difficult backgrounds. Drawing from his own story, he is able to evoke genuine empathy and understanding from the audience. This authentic connection between the actor and the character on an emotional level creates a powerful performance that resonates with viewers.

Q: Can you give an example of a scene in the movie where Phoenix's gracefulness shines through?

Throughout the entire movie, Joachim Phoenix's gracefulness is evident in his every movement. However, one prominent example is when his character, Joker, is seen turning his head. Even in this seemingly simple action, Phoenix executes it with consciousness and precision. His deliberate turns of the head become dance-like, captivating the audience and making it difficult to take their eyes off him.

Q: Are there any other actors known for integrating masculine and feminine qualities into their performances?

Yes, there have been many stellar performers in the past who possess the ability to seamlessly integrate feminine grace into their masculine characters. One notable example is Marlon Brando. His performances often displayed a combination of masculine strength and power, balanced with subtle and graceful nuances. Brando, like Phoenix, was able to create characters that were captivating and mesmerizing to watch.

Q: How important is the combination of physical appearance and acting ability in creating a compelling character?

The combination of physical appearance and acting ability is essential in creating a compelling character on screen. An actor's appearance sets the initial impression for the audience, and if it aligns with the intended character, it enhances the overall performance. However, acting ability, such as Joachim Phoenix's gracefulness and consciousness in his movements, is what truly captivates and holds the attention of the viewers throughout the film.

Q: What are some other notable movies where Joachim Phoenix's acting skills shine through?

Joachim Phoenix has delivered numerous exceptional performances throughout his career. Some other notable movies where his acting skills shine include "Walk the Line" where he portrayed the legendary musician Johnny Cash, "Her" where he played a man falling in love with an artificial intelligence, and "The Master" where he portrayed a troubled World War II veteran. In each of these movies, Phoenix showcased his versatility and ability to bring depth and authenticity to his characters.

Q: How does Phoenix's conscious control over his movements enhance his performance?

Joachim Phoenix's conscious control over his movements is a testament to his dedication and commitment to his craft. By being aware and intentional in every action, Phoenix ensures that even the smallest gestures contribute to the overall characterization of the role he's portraying. This level of control adds layers of depth to his performance, making it more captivating and compelling.

Q: What can actors learn from Joachim Phoenix's performance in Joker?

Actors can learn several valuable lessons from Joachim Phoenix's performance in Joker. Firstly, they can observe how strong character development and a compelling backstory contribute to creating a sympathetic and relatable character. Secondly, they can study Phoenix's gracefulness and deliberate control over his movements as a way to bring authenticity to their own performances. Finally, Phoenix's ability to carry a movie single-handedly shows the importance of honing one's skills to become a captivating leading actor.


Through his charismatic acting skills and conscious control over his movements, Joachim Phoenix delivers an exceptional performance in the movie Joker. His portrayal of a sympathetic character with a troubled past creates a strong connection with the audience. Phoenix's ability to integrate masculine and feminine qualities into his acting adds an intriguing dimension to his characters. Overall, actors can learn from his dedication to the craft and the importance of crafting compelling and authentic performances.

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