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December 6, 2016
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From Brush to Canvas with Alex Zhu of

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This is a transcript of an interview with the creators of the app Musically, a popular social networking app for teenagers. The interview covers topics such as the purpose and growth of Musically, its differentiation from other social networks, its potential for long-term success, concerns about child privacy and safety, and strategies to keep creators engaged.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is Musically and how does it differentiate from other social networks?

Musically is an entertainment social network that allows users to produce entertaining content directly from their mobile phones. It differentiates from other social networks by focusing on entertainment and offering features like lip-syncing, dancing, comedy, and more. Lip-syncing has been a popular feature that allows anyone to participate and feel like celebrities. However, Musically aims to evolve into a more generic platform with diverse content formats.

Q: How many users does Musically have and what is its growth rate?

Musically has over 100 million registered users globally and the monthly active users count is around 40 million and increasing. Having 40 million monthly users is remarkable, especially for an app that is primarily popular among teenagers.

Q: What makes Musically more than just a fad that will fade away?

While lip-syncing initially brought popularity to Musically by lowering the barrier to entry, the app is constantly diversifying its use cases to become a more generic platform. By evolving into a canvas that allows various forms of content and entertainment, Musically aims to remain relevant and cater to a wider audience.

Q: How does Musically plan to keep up with customizable platforms like Snapchat and Instagram?

Musically is observing a decrease in lip-syncing and music-related content, as more regional videos like comedy, smooth, fashion, and makeup videos are rising in popularity. The app has also introduced live streaming and plans to diversify content formats further. By introducing more personalized and diverse experiences, Musically hopes to offer flexibility and keep up with other platforms.

Q: How does Musically handle child safety and privacy, especially with underage users?

Although Musically doesn't require users to input their age, the app focuses on maintaining a safe environment. Musically claims that the majority of underage users are monitored by their parents and have their consent to use the app. The app checks support emails from parents regularly and removes accounts if parents report unauthorized usage.

Q: What is Musically's approach if underage users are found on the platform without parental consent?

If a parent reports unauthorized usage of the app by their child, Musically promptly deletes the account. Additionally, if someone else reports underage users, the same actions will be taken to ensure compliance with child protection regulations.

Q: Do Musically's content creators have parental consent, considering some of them may be underage?

Musically claims that all top content creators on the platform, including underage users, have their parents' consent and involvement. The app maintains communication with parents, and they actively participate, collaborate, and monitor their child's activity on Musically.

Q: Are there any concerns about age-inappropriate content and potential dangers on Musically?

While Musically aims to provide a creative platform, it recognizes the need to manage risks associated with age-inappropriate content. The app believes in educating and engaging users in positive social impact, pointing out instances like the "Don't Judge" challenge that promotes inclusivity and combats bullying. Issues of age-inappropriate content and potential dangers are challenges that Musically acknowledges and seeks to address.

Q: How does Musically ensure its creators stay on the platform and don't switch to other platforms?

Musically strives to maintain user engagement by creating a sustainable platform model that retains consumers. The app's uniqueness lies in lowering the entry barrier for content creation, allowing all users to be creators. As long as users find engagement on Musically, creators are less likely to leave. However, Musically recognizes the risk of competitors imitating features and strives to improve and innovate continually.

Q: What strategies does Musically have in place to avoid becoming stale and keep users interested?

Musically is actively working on new features and innovations. They are currently focusing on a live streaming platform where users can participate in categories similar to platforms like "America's Got Talent" and have others vote. Continuous improvement and new features are essential to keeping users engaged and interested.


Musically is an entertainment-oriented social network that aims to differentiate itself from other platforms through its focus on user-generated entertaining content. With over 100 million users, it has grown steadily and aims to sustain its popularity through diversifying its content and features. Child safety and privacy, as well as age-appropriate content, are crucial concerns that Musically actively addresses by monitoring and involving parents. While the risk of competition and user attrition is always present, Musically strives to stay innovative and improve its platform to retain users.

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