When Reason Goes on Holiday: Philosophers in Politics

By Neven Sesardic
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"When Reason Goes on Holiday" is a thought-provoking exploration of the pervasive influences of irrationality and cognitive biases in human decision-making. Neven Sesardic delves into the realms of philosophy, psychology, and sociology to dissect the intricate ways in which reason takes an intermittent departure from our lives.

Through a concise and engaging narrative, Sesardic highlights various historical and contemporary examples that illustrate the striking absence of logic and rationality in both mundane and significant moments. From the allure of pseudoscience to the power of social conformity, each chapter critically examines the factors that steer our thinking away from rationality.

The author investigates how our innate cognitive biases, such as confirmation bias and availability heuristic, cloud our judgment and limit our capacity for clear, logical thinking. He challenges us to reflect on our own biases, prompting a reconsideration of deeply ingrained beliefs and the motivations behind our decision-making processes.

Sesardic also explores the role of emotions and intuition in shaping our ideas and actions. Drawing upon extensive research, he presents compelling evidence that emotions can often override reason, leading to distorted perceptions and misguided choices.

"When Reason Goes on Holiday" ultimately urges readers to reevaluate the status quo and embrace critical thinking as a means to combat irrationality. Sesardic's lucid analysis and compelling arguments serve as a wake-up call, inviting us to confront our own cognitive limitations and strive for a more rational existence.

This captivating work serves as an illuminating guide for those interested in understanding the intricate interplay between reason and irrationality, equipping readers with the tools necessary to navigate a world where reason often seems to take an unwarranted vacation.

"With precision and clarity, Neven Sesardic unveils the irrational underpinnings of human decision-making, urging readers to awaken from the slumber of irrationality and embrace reason as their guide in a world that so often forgets its importance."
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