Prosperity: Better Business Makes the Greater Good

By Colin Mayer
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In "Prosperity" by Colin Mayer, readers are invited to explore a thoughtful and compelling analysis of the concept of prosperity. Mayer contends that the current model of economic growth, rooted in short-term profit maximization, is unsustainable and fails to address the pressing social and environmental challenges of our time.

With succinct clarity, Mayer presents an alternative vision of prosperity that seeks to align business goals with societal well-being and long-term sustainability. This transformative approach emphasizes the importance of purpose-driven companies, responsible business practices, and inclusive economic systems.

Through engaging storytelling and rigorous research, Mayer examines the interconnectedness of business, government, and society, highlighting the need for collective action to reshape the future. He calls for a new corporate governance framework that empowers stakeholders, encourages innovation and investment in communities, and promotes transparency and accountability.

Mayer's refreshing perspective challenges conventional wisdom and urges readers to question prevailing economic paradigms. "Prosperity" offers a compelling roadmap for individuals, corporations, and policymakers to forge a more equitable, resilient, and prosperous world.
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