If At Birth You Don't Succeed: My Adventures with Disaster and Destiny

By Zach Anner
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"If At Birth You Don't Succeed" is a heartfelt and hilarious memoir by Zach Anner, a comedian, YouTube personality, and disability advocate. Born with cerebral palsy, Anner takes readers on a journey through his life, chronicling his experiences and triumphs with wit and authenticity.

Through a series of humorous anecdotes and thoughtful reflections, Anner shares his childhood struggles, ranging from trying to fit in at school to navigating the complexities of dating. He also delves into his experiences living independently and pursuing his dreams despite the challenges imposed by his disability.

With self-deprecating humor and a refreshingly positive outlook, Anner shows readers the power of resilience and the importance of embracing one's unique abilities. He tackles serious topics, such as confronting societal prejudices, while maintaining an approachable and light-hearted tone.

Anner's storytelling effortlessly combines laugh-out-loud moments with poignant insights, ultimately delivering a message of hope and encouragement. He encourages readers to question societal norms and redefine what it means to be successful, emphasizing the importance of embracing one's imperfections and finding joy in the journey.

"If At Birth You Don't Succeed" is an inspiring memoir that captures Zach Anner's indomitable spirit, showcasing his ability to overcome obstacles with humor and grace. It is a reminder for readers to embrace their own quirks and challenges, ultimately finding self-acceptance and happiness.
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