Howard Hughes: His Life and Madness

By Donald Bartlett
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"Howard Hughes" by Donald Bartlett provides a comprehensive and captivating account of the life and legacy of Howard Hughes—the enigmatic American business tycoon, aviator, philanthropist, and filmmaker.

Bartlett delves into Hughes's early years, tracing his privileged upbringing in Houston and his unmatched entrepreneurial spirit. From the establishment of the Hughes Tool Company to his foray into Hollywood with the directing of the critically acclaimed film "Hell's Angels," the author explores the immense success and ambition that defined Hughes's early career.

The book offers an unflinching look at Hughes's unconventional personal life, delving into his numerous relationships and marriages, as well as his struggles with mental health. Bartlett expertly balances Hughes's iconic achievements with the darker aspects of his personality, offering a nuanced portrayal of this extraordinary figure.

Drawing on meticulous research and interviews with those who knew Hughes best, Bartlett paints a vivid portrait of a man who was equal parts genius and eccentric. From Hughes's obsession with aviation, leading to his record-breaking test flights and the establishment of Hughes Aircraft Corporation, to his controversial political dealings and his infamous reclusive years, the author unravels the complex layers of Hughes's life.

As the narrative unfolds, Bartlett explores the unending legal battles that plagued Hughes in his later years, including the notorious "Spruce Goose" affair and his entanglement with the CIA. This captivating exploration into the depths of Hughes's secretive and tumultuous existence sheds light on the struggles and triumphs that defined his remarkable life.

In "Howard Hughes," Bartlett provides readers with a compelling and comprehensive biography, offering a deep understanding of this larger-than-life figure who left an indelible mark on American history and business.
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