Globalizing Capital

By Barry Eichengreen
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"Globalizing Capital" by Barry Eichengreen is a renowned book that provides a thorough analysis of the global financial system and its evolution since the late 19th century.

In this comprehensive work, Eichengreen explores how international monetary arrangements and financial markets have become increasingly interconnected over the years. Drawing on historical evidence and economic theories, he examines the impact of globalization on central banks, exchange rates, capital flows, and the stability of economies worldwide.

Throughout the book, Eichengreen addresses the challenges faced by policymakers when managing the international monetary system. He highlights the role of major currencies, such as the US dollar, in shaping the global financial landscape and investigates the consequences of financial crises and economic fluctuations on a global scale.

Eichengreen also emphasizes the importance of international cooperation in maintaining financial stability and suggests potential strategies for reforming the international monetary system to address the complexities of the modern global economy.

With its concise yet comprehensive analysis, "Globalizing Capital" is an essential resource for economists, policymakers, and anyone interested in understanding the intricate workings of the global financial system and its implications for the world economy.
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