Why is deep learning taking off? (C1W1L04) | Summary and Q&A

August 25, 2017
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Why is deep learning taking off? (C1W1L04)


The rise of deep learning is driven by the availability of large amounts of data and the ability to train big neural networks, aided by algorithmic innovations and faster computation. These factors will continue to improve deep learning in the future.

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Key Insights

  • 😃 The performance of traditional learning algorithms plateaus after a certain amount of data, making them less effective in the big data era.
  • ✊ Deep learning's progress has been powered by scale, which includes the size of neural networks and the quantity of data.
  • 🐎 Algorithmic innovations, such as using the rectified linear unit function instead of sigmoid, have greatly improved the speed of learning in neural networks.
  • 💨 Faster computation has accelerated the experimentation and iteration process, leading to faster improvements in neural network performance.
  • 😮 The rise of specialized hardware and faster networking technologies further enhances the capabilities of deep learning.
  • 👨‍🔬 The deep learning research community continuously innovates on algorithms, ensuring the continued advancement of the field.
  • 😮 The forces driving the rise of deep learning, such as data availability and faster computation, will continue to improve the field in the future.


if the basic technical idea is behind deep learning behind your networks have been around for decades why are they only just now taking off in this video let's go over some of the main drivers behind the rise of deep learning because I think this will help you that the spot the best opportunities within your own organization to apply these to over ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why has deep learning gained popularity recently?

Deep learning has become successful due to the availability of large datasets and the ability to train big neural networks. These factors allow for higher performance and better accuracy in various applications.

Q: How has the digitization of society impacted deep learning?

The digitization of society has led to the accumulation of vast amounts of data in the digital realm. This data, collected from websites, mobile apps, and sensors, has provided the necessary resources for deep learning algorithms to excel.

Q: What role does network size play in deep learning performance?

To achieve high performance in deep learning, it is crucial to train large neural networks. Bigger networks can effectively utilize the abundance of data available, allowing for continuous improvement in performance.

Q: How does scale contribute to the progress of deep learning?

Scale, encompassing both network size and data quantity, drives the advancements in deep learning. Training bigger networks and incorporating more data has proven to be a reliable way to enhance performance.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Deep learning has taken off due to the abundance of data and the ability to train large neural networks effectively.

  • The digitization of society and the collection of massive amounts of data have provided opportunities for deep learning algorithms.

  • Scale, both in terms of network size and data quantity, has been a crucial factor in the progress of deep learning.

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