Where To Start Streaming As A New Streamer... YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming? | Summary and Q&A

October 13, 2021
Hammer Dance
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Where To Start Streaming As A New Streamer... YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming?


This video discusses the question of where to start streaming for new streamers and advises against choosing just one platform, suggesting re-streaming to multiple platforms instead.

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Key Insights

  • 🎮 The question of where to stream as a new streamer is important, but you don't have to choose just one platform. Restream.io and Streamlabs Prime allow you to stream simultaneously on multiple platforms, maximizing your reach.
  • 📺 Each streaming platform has its pros and cons. Twitch is known for live gaming, YouTube has a clunky interface for live streaming, and Facebook offers the advantage of a built-in audience.
  • 💻 If you start on one platform, be cautious of signing affiliate agreements that limit you from restreaming on other platforms. Consider the value of a sub button if you have a small viewership.
  • 👥 Restreaming can help you grow your audience threefold, as you'll reach viewers on different platforms. You may encounter some chat confusion, but most viewers won't mind.
  • 💡 Tech support is available through the Discord community, and one-on-one support is offered through Patreon tiers. Supporting the channel on Patreon also comes with benefits like shoutouts and Q&A sessions.
  • 💰 Patreon offers three tiers for supporting the channel, with benefits ranging from shoutouts in videos to one-on-one sessions for personalized help with settings or questions.
  • ⭐️ Consider restreaming as a new streamer to increase your audience and exposure. Don't limit yourself to one platform—stream on as many platforms as possible to maximize your growth.
  • 🔔 Don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel, follow on Twitch, and turn on post notifications to stay updated on new videos. Keep those hammers up!


what is up guys and welcome back to the hammer dance youtube channel today i want to talk to you guys a little bit about uh where you should start streaming if you're if you're brand new to this and you're just jumping in now there's like there's a ton of questions like where do i start should i stream on youtube facebook twitch how do i start than... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Can you stream on multiple platforms at the same time?

Yes, re-streaming services like restream.io and Streamlabs Prime Edition allow streamers to go live on multiple platforms simultaneously with integrated chat features.

Q: Are affiliate agreements limiting for streamers?

Some affiliate agreements, like the one mentioned in the video, may restrict streamers from re-streaming on other platforms, although there are contracts that allow for multi-platform streaming.

Q: Is it necessary to have a large following to re-stream?

No, re-streaming is beneficial for all streamers, including new ones with small followings, as it allows them to reach a wider audience and increase their chances of growth.

Q: Which platform is the best for live game streaming?

Twitch is widely recognized as the go-to platform for live game streaming, although YouTube and Facebook also offer live streaming options with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Q: Are there any downsides to re-streaming?

While re-streaming may separate chat interactions from different platforms, most viewers don't mind, making it a minor concern. Additionally, the quality of life upgrades offered by re-streaming services may vary.

Q: Should new streamers choose only one platform?

The video advises against choosing just one platform and instead emphasizes the importance of streaming to as many platforms as possible in order to grow the audience.

Q: Is re-streaming free or paid?

Re-streaming services like restream.io have both free and paid versions, allowing streamers to choose the level of quality of life upgrades they want to have within the interfaces.

Q: Can streamers receive personalized tech support?

The video mentions that the Hammer Dance channel offers tech support through Patreon, with different tiers offering benefits such as shoutouts, direct messaging, and one-on-one sessions to help with streamers' questions and settings.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video starts by introducing the question of where new streamers should start streaming and highlights the abundance of options available.

  • The content emphasizes the idea of re-streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously as a way to reach a broader audience and maximize growth.

  • The pros and cons of streaming on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook are briefly mentioned, but the main focus is on encouraging new streamers to stream everywhere rather than choosing one platform.

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