What Was Liberalism? #5 Your Comments | Summary and Q&A

October 20, 2017
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What Was Liberalism? #5 Your Comments


In this video, the creator reflects on the feedback received from their series on liberalism, acknowledging both positive and negative comments. They discuss changes in tone and their efforts to incorporate feedback into future scripts. The video also mentions upcoming content on philosophical concepts and rationality.

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Key Insights

  • 🎁 The series on liberalism aimed to present a different perspective and center the victims of liberalism.
  • 🥌 Feedback on the series was polarized, with some appreciating the different tone and others feeling uncomfortable with it.
  • 🥡 The creator is taking the feedback into account and making changes to future scripts to address concerns.
  • 👻 They are working on a parallel series that will allow them to be more critical and explore philosophical concepts in depth.
  • 💁 The creator acknowledges missed opportunities and simplifications in the history of liberalism, promising to incorporate more comprehensive information in future content.
  • ❓ The role of religion in liberalism and capitalism is an interesting aspect that could be further explored.
  • 💄 Liberalism's approach to exceptions and its claim to be universal, despite making specific exceptions, is a distinguishing feature from other ideologies.


hello are you lovely people buckle up it's time for another voyage through the comments section I recently completed a four part series entitled what was liberalism which was about political ideologies and liberalism in particular the feedback from that series was pretty mixed and pretty polarized something like this is billionths best thing mermai... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why did the creator want to present liberalism from a different angle in their series?

The creator wanted to challenge their own understanding of liberalism and explore it from a different perspective, particularly by focusing on the victims who are often overlooked.

Q: How did the tone of the series change, according to the creator?

The tone became more critical and focused on critique, deviating from previous content on the channel. The creator acknowledges this shift and the mixed audience reception.

Q: Did the creator agree with all the feedback they received?

While the creator acknowledges the feedback, they don't necessarily agree with all of it. They are using the feedback to guide their future content creation but also maintain their own perspective.

Q: What upcoming series is the creator working on?

The creator is working on a new series that explores philosophical concepts and applies them critically to different subjects. They aim to strike a balance between critical content and their more traditional style.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The creator completed a series on liberalism, aiming to present it from a different angle and centering the victims of liberalism.

  • Feedback on the series was mixed, with some praising the different perspective while others were critical of the tone shift.

  • The creator acknowledges the changes in tone and is incorporating feedback into future scripts, aiming to make them less critical.

  • They are also working on a parallel series exploring philosophical concepts and applying them critically to different subjects.

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