What I Learnt From Losing $1,500,000 Of My Own Money! (Story Of Devashard) | Summary and Q&A

February 6, 2021
Simon Squibb
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What I Learnt From Losing $1,500,000 Of My Own Money! (Story Of Devashard)


The speaker shares their experience of losing $1.5 million on a failed business and the valuable lessons they learned from the failure.

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Key Insights

  • 🥺 Failures can lead to success in the future, as long as valuable lessons are learned and applied.
  • 👨‍💼 Understanding the contracts and intricacies of the industry is essential for making informed business decisions.
  • 🥺 Overspending and relying on future possibilities can lead to financial difficulties and the collapse of a business.
  • 🉐 The experience gained during the journey of entrepreneurship is often more valuable than the monetary outcome.
  • 🥺 Learning from failures and adapting can lead to future success in other ventures.
  • 😤 Building a strong team with industry knowledge and expertise is crucial for navigating unfamiliar industries.
  • ❓ Cultural understanding through storytelling can promote empathy and reduce conflict.


i lost 1.5 million us dollars on this one business it's not an easy story to tell failure failure is never something you really want to share because perhaps when you share failure it looks like you don't know what you're doing but through failure through this particular failure i learned so many things and i want to share some of those insights wi... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What was the initial idea behind Devishard?

Devishard was inspired by the concept of exploring cultural differences through comic books, with characters from an ancient Asian mythological text called the Mahabharata.

Q: How did the speaker's business attract attention from Harvey Weinstein?

Harvey Weinstein showed interest in turning Devishard into a movie, leading to excitement among the team. However, the deal fell through, teaching the speaker the importance of understanding contracts in the movie industry.

Q: What was the financial mistake made by the speaker?

The speaker overspent on the business, believing that the movie deal would bring in significant profits. This resulted in cash flow problems and ultimately led to the collapse of the business.

Q: What was the main lesson the speaker learned from the failure?

The speaker emphasizes that the journey and experiences gained from the failure were more valuable than the money lost. It is not always about the monetary outcome but the lessons learned along the way.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The speaker invested a significant amount of money in a comic book product called Devishard.

  • Despite the failure, the speaker believes that failures can eventually lead to success and underscores the importance of learning from past failures.

  • The business collapsed due to overspending and the failure to secure a movie deal, but the speaker cherishes the experience and lessons gained from it.

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