What happened to my face | Summary and Q&A

March 16, 2022
Physics Girl
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What happened to my face


The content discusses a surfing accident resulting in a black eye, exploring the physics behind the accident and the potential causes.

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Key Insights

  • 🏄 Accidents can happen even when surfing in favorable conditions.
  • 👋 Understanding the physics of waves, tides, and beach conditions is essential for surfers.
  • ✋ Falling sideways instead of staying underwater during a wipeout can result in higher risk of injury.
  • 😀 Buoyant force can play a role in causing a surfboard to hit someone's face.
  • 🤕 It's crucial to protect the head and face while surfing to avoid serious injuries.
  • 🏄 Surfing accidents can have physical and emotional impacts.
  • ❤️‍🩹 Even experienced surfers can end up with unexpected injuries.


my mom was calling hey mom how's your face oh my goodness i honestly really like the colors on my very first wave the very first wave of the day i got hit in the eye with the tip of my surfboard and i got a black eye then i yeah i had to go to urgent care ended up getting four stitches oh man did it happen i don't even know it was like a freak acci... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did the speaker get injured while surfing?

The speaker caught a wave, fell sideways instead of tumbling underwater, and the surfboard hit her eye as a result.

Q: What factors contributed to the forceful wave that caused the accident?

The high tide and the beach's steeper shelf led to the wave breaking forcefully in the specific area where the speaker was surfing.

Q: Could the surfboard still hit the speaker's eye even if it was above the water's surface?

Yes, if the wave pushed the surfboard under and then launched it back up with buoyant force, it could come down and hit the speaker's face.

Q: Did the speaker sustain any serious eye damage from the accident?

Fortunately, the speaker's eyesight was unaffected, but she did receive four stitches and will likely have a scar.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The speaker got hit in the eye with the tip of her surfboard while falling sideways after catching a wave.

  • The high tide and specific beach conditions caused waves to break forcefully in certain areas, leading to the accident.

  • Falling sideways instead of tumbling underwater was a contributor to the surfboard hitting her eye.

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