We Enter Whang's Endless Cavern of Horrors [Ep. 60] | Summary and Q&A

October 8, 2020
The Create Unknown
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We Enter Whang's Endless Cavern of Horrors [Ep. 60]


Justin Wang, known for his edgy YouTube content, discusses his approach to controversial topics, his experiences with offensive content, and the potential boundaries of his content creation.

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Key Insights

  • ❓ Justin Wang's ability to discuss controversial topics without being personally offended demonstrates his detachment from the subject matter.
  • 🫢 Creating a balance between shock value and adhering to platform guidelines can be challenging for edgy content creators.
  • ❓ By embracing controversial topics, creators like Justin Wang can establish a distinct brand and appeal to a specific audience.
  • 😀 Edgy content creators may face judgment and skepticism regarding their authenticity, making it crucial to strike a genuine and honest balance.
  • 😀 Influencers who amplify their niceness or portray a specific image may face higher expectations and backlash if they deviate from that persona.
  • 🤘 The metal community and the YouTube community have different dynamics, with metal followers often not engaging heavily online.
  • 🫥 The line between being offensive and provocative versus being genuine and authentic can vary for different creators, but deception and manipulation can lead to negative consequences.


scrolling through a list of your videos is like pulling on an endless thread of horrors is there anything at this point that you actually find offensive has a retweet ever gone wrong i mean yeah i mean it goes wrong every time i retweet it i've also kind of strayed away from doing topics that are about specific people and when they are i try to kee... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Are there any topics that make Justin Wang uncomfortable or offend him?

While Justin has shown a high tolerance for controversial subject matter, he mentions feeling revulsion towards certain types of explicit videos. He brings up examples such as sounding and the controversial film "Cuties."

Q: Has Justin ever faced negative consequences for retweeting content?

Yes, Justin has had retweets go wrong, with some people misinterpreting his sarcastic or ironic jokes. There have been instances where people have deleted their tweets or made their account private due to receiving unwanted attention.

Q: Has Justin ever encountered people who reach out to him after being featured in his videos?

Although he couldn't recall specific instances, Justin mentions that people who have been mentioned or featured in his videos have reached out to him. The nature of these interactions can vary, ranging from positive to negative.

Q: What are some insights into the world of edgy content creation that can be derived from Justin Wang's experiences?


  • Edgy content creators often walk a fine line between pushing boundaries and staying within the guidelines of various platforms.

  • There is a segment of the audience that seeks out controversial content, and creators cater to their interests.

  • Online controversy and shocking content can bring attention, popularity, and success to content creators, establishing a unique niche and brand.

  • Misinterpretation and potential backlash are constant risks for those creating edgy content.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Justin Wang, a popular YouTuber, creates content that delves into controversial and often explicit topics.

  • He strives to be cautious with what he says about specific individuals, avoiding potential backlash and controversy.

  • Scrolling through his videos, one can see a wide range of disturbing topics, from extreme bodily harm to unusual fetishes.

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