Video Thumbnails - Facebook Video Ad Thumbnails Training | Summary and Q&A

September 5, 2016
Owen Video
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Video Thumbnails - Facebook Video Ad Thumbnails Training


Learn how making slight adjustments to your Facebook video ad thumbnails can increase click-through rates by up to a thousand percent.

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Key Insights

  • 🫠 Thumbnails in Facebook video ads are only visible for a brief moment, but they have a significant subconscious impact on viewers.
  • ☠️ Testing multiple thumbnail variations is crucial to finding the most effective design for boosting click-through rates.
  • 🛟 Starting with a YouTube thumbnail design can serve as a baseline for testing and optimizing thumbnails on Facebook.
  • 🥺 Effective thumbnail tweaks can lead to a scalable campaign, generating predictable click-through rates and potential conversions.


we are getting huge results with Facebook video and you can too but tweaking your thumbnails just a little bit can actually scale your results a thousand percents we'll go into that next I'm Owen video hey guys welcome back to this show today we're talking about Facebook video ad thumbnails and how we were able to use and tweak our thumbnails to ge... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why are thumbnails important for Facebook video ads?

Despite being only seen subconsciously, thumbnails have a significant impact on click-through rates. They play a crucial role in an auto-play ecosystem and can grab viewers' attention within seconds.

Q: How can you test and optimize your thumbnails?

Start with your existing YouTube thumbnail design and analyze its performance on Facebook. Then, try out different images and variations to find the one that generates the highest click-through rate for your ads.

Q: What were the results of the thumbnail tweaks in the case study?

The click-through rate increased by a thousand percent when the original thumbnail was adjusted twice. This demonstrates the potential scalability and effectiveness of thumbnail optimization for Facebook video ads.

Q: Is having great content important for Facebook video ad success?

Absolutely. While thumbnail tweaks can improve click-through rates, the overall success of your Facebook video ads depends on having compelling and engaging content. Thumbnails alone cannot compensate for poor video quality or messaging.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Facebook video ad thumbnails are crucial, as they are only visible for a brief moment in the news feed or video viewing section.

  • Making small tweaks to thumbnails can significantly impact click-through rates, as shown by a case study with a standard thumbnail and two variations.

  • Testing multiple thumbnails is essential to find the most optimized and effective design for your ads.

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