Upgrade Your Note-Taking the Easy Way | Summary and Q&A

November 4, 2022
Justin Sung
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Upgrade Your Note-Taking the Easy Way


The content discusses the importance of having an organized note-taking system and provides tips for effectively organizing and reviewing notes for different subjects.

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Key Insights

  • 💡 Conceptual understanding of math is crucial and should be prioritized over procedural learning. A good note-taking system should focus on understanding concepts and their applications. Flashcard apps and memorization techniques may be used for unrelated or rote memorization.


I wanted to ask you a little bit more about productivity in relation to notes do you teach any way for students to organize their notes like if you're in college you have multiple classes studying for a midterm or final there's multiple chapters go through going to class you take notes and then you have to eventually review for an exam so is there ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the recommended approach to note-taking for students studying math?

When it comes to math, it is advised to begin with a conceptual understanding of the subject before delving into procedures and equations. A focus on relationships and connections between concepts is key to solving complex math problems successfully.

Q: How can understanding an author or director's background enhance essay writing?

A deep understanding of an author or director's background can provide insight into their thought processes and motivations. This understanding can help students analyze themes, characters, and literary techniques in a more authentic and meaningful way, improving their essay writing skills.

Q: Are there any specific tools or apps recommended for effective note-taking?

While the content suggests using an Infinite Canvas and flashcard apps for organizing notes and memorization respectively, the focus is more on the method of note-taking rather than specific tools. It is important to find a method that allows for cognitive offloading and higher-order thinking while representing the information in an easily navigable format.

Q: How can implementing an organized note-taking system improve productivity and learning outcomes?

An organized note-taking system helps students build a comprehensive understanding of the subject, identify relationships between concepts, and effectively review and consolidate information. This promotes deeper learning, better retention, and improved performance in exams and assessments.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The ultimate goal is to have a single canvas for all notes on a specific topic, allowing for continuous building and construction.

  • For non-linear note-taking, starting with basic ideas and creating relationships can help students gradually transition to a more efficient system.

  • Math notes should focus on conceptual understanding before diving into equations, while essay notes should explore themes, author backgrounds, and connections to create authentic responses.

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