Updated House Tour & My 2024 House Goals! | Summary and Q&A

January 19, 2024
Ariel Bissett
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Updated House Tour & My 2024 House Goals!


In this video, the presenter discusses the progress made in renovating their house over the past three years, expressing excitement and motivation for the upcoming year and their goals to finish the upstairs and front face of the house.

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Key Insights

  • 😀 The presenter felt a positive shift in their life in 2023, finally feeling settled and happy in their home.
  • 👻 Prioritizing stability, fun, and personal well-being over productivity in 2023 allowed the presenter to recharge and gain motivation for future projects.
  • 👶 The presenter showcases completed projects, such as rewired electrical, plumbing fixes, and new shelves, demonstrating progress over the years.
  • 😀 Goals for 2024 include finishing the upstairs and front face of the house, with a focus on the bathroom, spooky room, and external appearance.


hello and welcome to this video where we're going to be talking about the progress of my house and what I dream to achieve in 2024 I cannot believe that it has been over three years we're moving into the fourth year of me living in this house I moved into this house at the very end of 2020 and so my Renovations and the whole journey of this house s... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why did the presenter prioritize stability and fun over productivity in 2023?

The presenter had experienced difficult years prior to 2023 and needed a break. They wanted to feel settled and establish friendships in their new home, leading to a shift in priorities.

Q: What are the goals for 2024?

The presenter aims to finish renovating the upstairs, including the bathroom and a spooky room that will become the master bedroom. They also plan to work on the front face of the house, painting it and addressing some structural issues.

Q: Why did the presenter deprioritize the outside of the house in previous years?

The roof repair was the main priority, and the presenter did not enjoy showing the outside of their house or location on videos. Additionally, working on the interior rooms felt more impactful and exciting.

Q: What are some of the smaller projects the presenter plans to complete this year?

The presenter intends to install new flooring in the hallway downstairs and finish a corner in the dining room that was affected by electrical work.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The presenter moved into the house in 2020 and started renovations in 2021, giving annual updates on the progress.

  • 2023 was a turning point where the presenter finally felt settled and happy living in the house but did not accomplish much due to prioritizing stability and fun over productivity.

  • The presenter provides a tour of the completed projects in the house, including rewiring the electrical, fixing the hot water tank, and regrading the driveway. They also showcase the newly installed shelves, removed carpets, and tiled sections in different rooms.

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