Tyranny in Disguise | Dr. Yoram Hazony | EP 305 | Summary and Q&A

November 14, 2022
Jordan B Peterson
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Tyranny in Disguise | Dr. Yoram Hazony | EP 305


This video discusses the importance of tradition, hierarchies, and the preservation of societal norms in the face of a changing political landscape, highlighting the need for a conservative approach.

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Key Insights

  • 🌍 Politics: The current state of politics in America and other democratic countries is marked by dishonoring and insulting rival political parties, leading to a divided and disrespectful political environment.
  • 📚 Education: The author wrote a book on conservatism in order to make sense of the cultural revolution happening today, as traditional liberalism seems incapable of opposing woke neo-marxist movements.
  • 🧠 Psychology: The traditional view of sanity as something internal to the individual is incomplete; sanity is actually shaped by social embeddedness and the maintenance of hierarchical social structures.
  • 🏛️ Governance: English common law is based on an evolving system of trial and error, where decisions are made based on precedent and principles, exemplifying the importance of hierarchy and conservative principles in governance.
  • 💡 Reasoning: Reason and logic, often championed by liberals, are actually reliant on traditional, inherited frameworks, making the rejection of tradition and hierarchy detrimental to intellectual and societal coherence.
  • ⚖️ Justice: Conservatives argue for a system of hierarchy and balance of power among different groups, where the stronger groups have a responsibility towards the weaker ones, in order to maintain a just and stable society.
  • 💔 Societal Decline: Entropy and decay are inherent in all systems, and the preservation and restoration of societal structures is the responsibility of conservatives, who seek to repair and strengthen the foundations of society.
  • 💒 Family and Community: Conservatives emphasize the importance of family and community, as well as the role of older generations in passing down traditions and values, in order to create cohesive and responsible individuals who can contribute positively to society.


I mean take a look politically at you know what it what's happening in America what's happening in other Democratic countries where where the uh the competing political parties the competing tribes no longer honor one another right all you need to do is to you know go back to the the rate Reagan uh Reagan Mondale debates from the 80s and just look ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the main difference between the conservative approach and the beliefs of woke neo-marxists?

The main difference lies in the view of tradition and hierarchies - conservatives value the preservation and restoration of tradition and existing hierarchies, while woke neo-marxists seek to dismantle them entirely.

Q: How does the video highlight the importance of hierarchies in society?

The video emphasizes that hierarchies are essential in maintaining social order, as they provide individuals with a sense of belonging and direction. Without hierarchies, society becomes chaotic and people struggle to find their place and purpose.

Q: How does traditional conservatism view the societal changes brought about by the cultural revolution?

Traditional conservatism acknowledges the need for change but believes in a slow and steady approach that respects tradition and preserves societal values. It considers the cultural revolution as disruptive and dangerous to the stability of society.

Q: What role does religion play in the conservative approach?

Religion, particularly in the form of church communities, is seen as a source of guidance, morals, and shared values in the conservative approach. It provides individuals with a sense of belonging and helps transmit societal values from one generation to another.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Traditional conservatism values the preservation of societal traditions, hierarchies, and the need to honor one another.

  • The current cultural revolution and rise of woke neo-marxism has led to a breakdown in societal values and norms.

  • The conservative approach aims to restore and strengthen societal structures while acknowledging the need for change.

  • The video discusses the importance of hierarchy, the role of religion, and the flaws of liberalism in addressing the cultural revolution.

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