Touring EVERY Dorm at Babson College | Summary and Q&A

May 31, 2023
Colby Martel
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Touring EVERY Dorm at Babson College


Take a virtual tour of different dorms at Babson College, including the best and worst ones.

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Key Insights

  • 🤵 Babson College dorms like Park Manor West and Woodside offer unique features such as spacious rooms and shared bathrooms.
  • 😑 The Coleman dorm provides ample space for decorations and personal expression, but its location requires climbing a tiring hill.
  • 🤵 Sorority Towers like the Sigma Kappa Tower offer communal amenities like kitchens and common rooms.
  • 🧑‍🎓 Students prioritize convenience and privacy when choosing dorms, making Woodside a popular choice.
  • 💟 Personal touches like artwork, personal belongings, and decorations make dorm rooms feel more comfortable and unique.
  • 🤵 The size of the room can greatly impact the living experience, with larger rooms providing more potential for decorating and personalization.
  • ❓ Despite some drawbacks, the dorms at Babson College offer a generally positive living experience with various amenities and a vibrant atmosphere.


tame touring every dorm at Babson College including the best dorms the worst storms a sorority Tower and more starting with where I lived my freshman year all right so we're going up to the third floor right now this is what everyone would say is the wild west so this is my dorm right here we're doing a dorm tour welcome to my room this is uh my ro... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How would you describe the living experience in Park Manor West?

Park Manor West offers a vibrant and wild experience, with spacious rooms and a great vibe for socializing and studying. It may not be the cleanest, but it provides a fun and lively environment.

Q: What makes the Woodside dorm unique compared to others?

Woodside stands out for having its own bathroom, shared between roommates. This convenience makes it highly sought after by Babson College students who prioritize privacy and ease of access.

Q: What are some highlights of the Sigma Kappa sorority Tower?

The Sigma Kappa sorority Tower features a communal kitchen, a cozy common room where members spend a lot of time, and gender-inclusive bathrooms, creating an inclusive and comfortable living environment.

Q: How would you rate the Coleman dorm overall?

The Coleman dorm offers a spacious room for decorating but can be chaotic and noisy. The location is convenient, but the uphill walk to the dorm can be tiring. Overall, it receives a solid rating of 3.3 out of 5.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Explore various dorm rooms at Babson College, including Park Manor West, Publishers, and Ryan's room.

  • Visit the dorms of Olivier, Colby, and Cassidy, who share insights about their living experiences and favorite aspects of their rooms.

  • Take a look inside the Woodside dorm, known for its bathroom facilities, and end with a tour of the Sigma Kappa sorority Tower.

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