Tim Kennedy on Witnessing the Fall of Afghanistan | Summary and Q&A

June 16, 2022
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Tim Kennedy on Witnessing the Fall of Afghanistan

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In this video, the speaker discusses his experiences in Afghanistan during the fall of the country to the Taliban. He talks about the desperation of the Afghan people trying to find a way to survive and the atrocities committed by the Taliban. He also shares his involvement in a mission to rescue Afghan allies and the challenges they faced during the evacuation.

Questions & Answers

Q: What was the speaker's experience in Afghanistan during the fall of the country?

The speaker, who has had multiple deployments overseas, describes Afghanistan during the fall as unlike anything he has ever seen. The Taliban advanced every time the coalition forces gave up ground, and there was no doubt that they would take over the country. As military bases were abandoned, the speaker and his colleagues anticipated the dire consequences of the Taliban's rise to power.

Q: What were the motivations behind the speaker's involvement in the mission to rescue Afghan allies?

The speaker had personal connections to Afghanistan, with friends who had deployed there and Afghans who worked alongside them. They were part of a special operations unit called the commandos, and they believed in the ideals of democracy, freedom, and education for all. When the Taliban started taking over Afghanistan, the speaker received numerous requests for help from friends and contracting companies offering substantial amounts of money. However, he recognized that the situation required a moral response, not for financial gain.

Q: How did the speaker and his team organize the mission to rescue Afghan allies?

The speaker received a call from a marine special operations guy named Chad Robichaux, who needed assistance in rescuing a translator named Aziz. At the same time, the speaker's co-author, Sarah Varado, who had connections in the government, offered to provide routes and approval. Together, they formed an NGO called Save Our Allies, and within days, they flew to the Middle East with the help of the UAE Crown Prince, who provided a plane for their mission. Over the course of ten days, they successfully evacuated 12,000 people from Afghanistan, accounting for 11% of the total evacuees.

Q: How did the situation in Afghanistan during the evacuation compare to what was shown on television?

What was shown on television, with planes taking off and landing, may have appeared more controlled and organized. However, outside the airport, chaos and desperation prevailed. The speaker describes the scenes outside the gates, with tens of thousands of people lined up, dehydrated and hungry. The Taliban used force to control the crowd, even shooting into the crowd at times. Desperate mothers would try to throw their babies over the walls, only for them to land in barbed wire. The speaker and his team had to navigate through this chaos while smuggling people past the Taliban.

Q: How did the speaker feel emotionally during the mission?

The speaker admits that he didn't have time to address the emotional toll of the situation while on the ground. As he focused on rescuing families and ensuring that the right people were onboard, he had to navigate through disturbing scenes without being able to fully process them. He describes stepping over dead bodies and seeing horrific acts committed by the Taliban but not having the luxury of dealing with them emotionally at the time.


The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban was marked by extreme desperation and chaos. The Afghan people, who had worked alongside coalition forces and dreamed of a democratic and free Afghanistan, were left to face the brutal regime. The speaker, along with his team, undertook a dangerous mission to rescue Afghan allies, successfully evacuating thousands of people. The realities on the ground were far worse than what was shown on television, demonstrating the urgency and importance of their mission. The speaker's account highlights the moral dilemma faced in situations like these, where lives hang in the balance and every decision carries immense consequences.

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