The Sky’s the Limit with Chris Anderson, Adam Bry, Laura Major and Arnaud Thiercelin | Summary and Q&A

September 27, 2018
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The Sky’s the Limit with Chris Anderson, Adam Bry, Laura Major and Arnaud Thiercelin


Industry experts discuss the current state and future of the drone industry, identifying areas of growth, challenges, and the role of regulation.

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Key Insights

  • ❓ The drone industry is still in its early stages of development, with vast potential for innovation and growth.
  • 🪛 Autonomy and trust in drone operations are crucial for adoption and scaling, with increased focus on software-driven regulation compliance.
  • 🥡 Security remains a top priority, and companies are taking proactive measures to address concerns and maintain data privacy.
  • 🦔 Data collection and integration are essential for enterprise applications, with advancements in edge computing and mobile processing.
  • 🦺 Standards, both technical and regulatory, are being developed to address safety, security, and operational requirements in the drone industry.
  • 😚 Close collaboration between industry stakeholders and regulators is necessary to create a favorable business environment and ensure responsible drone operations.
  • 😘 The integration of drones with other emerging technologies, such as low-cost satellites, offers new opportunities and complements rather than threatens the industry.


are you guys like way over there I'm gonna hey so I'm Ron Miller I cover the enterprise for TechCrunch and we're gonna talk about drones over the last decade we've watched his drones have entered the public's imagination and and the industry has just begun to develop first for hobbyists and then as a commercial undertaking aimed squarely at busines... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How has the drone industry developed over the past decade?

The drone industry has evolved from hobbyist use to commercial applications, with a concentration of companies around global giant DJI. The industry has shifted from focusing on drones to data collection and analysis.

Q: How do companies assure customers and the public that drones are secure from any hacking or remote control?

Companies have taken measures to ensure security, such as tethering drones to prevent external interference and conducting regular bug fixes. Transparent communication, third-party code audits, and timely response to security concerns are key in building trust.

Q: How do drones collect and integrate data into enterprise systems?

Data collection methods vary, including storing data on SD cards, transmitting over Wi-Fi or LTE, and utilizing edge computing. The goal is to process data in real-time on mobile devices or ground stations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Q: What role do standards play in the drone industry, and what standards are being developed?

Standards, like remote ID, parachuting systems, and defining drone autonomy, are necessary for safe and scalable operations. Collaboration between industry players and regulators is ongoing to establish common protocols and ensure uniformity.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Drones have gone through a hype cycle and are now entering a phase of development and commercialization, poised for scale and growth.

  • Autonomy, security, and data collection are key areas of focus for the industry, with advancements being made in software and hardware.

  • Standards, such as remote ID, parachute systems, and defining drone autonomy, are being developed to ensure safe and efficient operations.

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