The Scary New Research On Sugar & How They Made You Addicted To It! Jessie Inchauspé | E243 | Summary and Q&A

May 1, 2023
The Diary Of A CEO
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The Scary New Research On Sugar & How They Made You Addicted To It! Jessie Inchauspé | E243


Learn how to balance glucose levels through 10 hacks to improve your overall health and prevent symptoms associated with glucose spikes.

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Key Insights

  • 🍭 Glucose spikes from consuming too much glucose too quickly can lead to various short-term and long-term symptoms, including cravings, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, mental health issues, aging, and increased risk of diseases like diabetes and cancer.
  • 🥦 Eating food in the right order can help reduce glucose spikes. Starting with vegetables before consuming proteins, fats, and then starches and sugars can significantly lower the impact on glucose levels.
  • ️ Eating speed can also affect glucose levels. Slowing down and taking time to enjoy your meal, along with starting with a veggie starter, can help flatten the glucose curve.
  • 🔢 Counting calories is not the most effective way to manage your health. The concept of calories is based on the measurement of heat required to break down food, but it doesn't provide information about the impact of different foods on glucose levels and overall health.
  • 🧪 Understanding the molecules in food and their effects on the body is more important than just focusing on calorie counts. Learning about glucose levels and implementing effective hacks can lead to improved physical and mental health.


I'm gonna be completely honest with you here it's important I hope it's a subject matter of glucose was boring until I read your book and then I was like oh my God Jesse introspect the glucose goddess is a biochemist an author teaching us the best hacks to eat right without giving up the foods that we love glucose is your body's favorite source of ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How do glucose spikes affect long-term health and what are some of the associated conditions?

Glucose spikes can lead to a range of long-term health issues, including type 2 diabetes, dementia, heart disease, cancer, and hormonal imbalances. These spikes cause inflammation and damage at a cellular level, accelerating the aging process and increasing the risk of diseases related to glucose dysregulation.

Q: What is the significance of eating food in the right order to prevent glucose spikes?

Eating food in the right order, such as starting with vegetables, followed by proteins, fats, and finally starches and sugars, can significantly reduce glucose spikes. By prioritizing the consumption of fibrous and nutrient-dense vegetables first, the body's glucose response is moderated, leading to more stable energy levels and reduced risk of adverse health effects.

Q: How does insulin play a role in glucose management and weight gain?

Insulin, produced by the pancreas, regulates glucose levels in the bloodstream. It facilitates the storage of excess glucose in various tissues, such as muscles, liver, and fat cells. However, frequent spikes in glucose levels lead to constant insulin release and the accumulation of stored glucose as body fat. Over time, insulin resistance can develop, making it harder for the body to regulate glucose and increasing the risk of weight gain and type 2 diabetes.

Q: How can balancing glucose levels improve hormone regulation, specifically in conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)?

Balancing glucose levels is crucial for hormonal regulation, particularly in conditions like PCOS. Excess glucose can lead to insulin resistance, which drives hormonal imbalances, including elevated testosterone levels and irregular menstrual cycles. By managing glucose levels through dietary modifications, individuals with PCOS may experience improvements in their symptoms, including restored menstrual regularity and fertility.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Glucose, the body's favorite source of energy, is obtained through the consumption of starchy and sweet foods.

  • Glucose spikes occur when the body is flooded with too much glucose too quickly, leading to symptoms such as cravings, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and long-term health issues.

  • The 10 hacks outlined in the book focus on topics such as eating food in the right order, incorporating movement after eating, and drinking vinegar before meals to mitigate glucose spikes.

  • The author's personal health journey and the importance of understanding the impact of food on the body are also discussed.

  • Overall, the book aims to provide valuable information to help individuals make changes in their diet and improve their health.

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