The Return Of KSI - IMPAULSIVE EP. 309 | Summary and Q&A

January 11, 2022
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The Return Of KSI - IMPAULSIVE EP. 309


KSI opens up about his personal struggles, including anxiety, relationship challenges, and identity crisis, while discussing his new business venture in the beverage industry.

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Key Insights

  • 🛟 KSI's journey in the entertainment industry has had a profound impact on his personal life, including struggles with identity and relationships.
  • 🤳 Mental health is a priority for KSI, and he advocates for therapy as a means of self-discovery and maintaining balance.
  • 👶 KSI's new venture in the beverage industry reflects his desire to offer a product that aligns with his personal values and addresses a gap in the market.


this is the first time I've ever like DM the girl and it was crazy bro I felt like a little kid I sent I sent him a message and then I just dropped my phone like if you got Thumbs Up Wait can we have JJ lead us into the episode can he do the intro I feel like it's not up to us can I can I swear yeah yeah okay hey yo what's up welcome back to a posi... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How has KSI's career success affected his personal life and relationships?

KSI admits that his career success caused him to neglect his personal life, leading to relationship challenges and an identity crisis. He recognizes the need for balance and personal growth.

Q: What motivated KSI to seek therapy?

KSI felt overwhelmed by his fast-paced career and fame, leading to feelings of unhappiness and the fear of losing himself. Seeking therapy allows him to process his thoughts and emotions and prioritize his mental well-being.

Q: Why did KSI decide to venture into the beverage industry?

KSI wanted to create a hydration drink that offered low calories, good taste, and the ability to be consumed daily without negative effects. He recognized a gap in the market and wanted to offer a healthier alternative to existing brands.

Q: How does KSI handle the challenges of fame and constantly being recognized in public?

While KSI appreciates his fans, he finds it overwhelming at times when people approach him for photos or invade his personal space. He tries to be accommodating but also sets boundaries when needed.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • KSI reflects on his past relationship, admitting that he neglected personal growth and focused solely on his career, leading to an identity crisis.

  • He emphasizes the importance of mental health and the need for therapy to cope with the pressures of fame and success.

  • KSI announces his new business venture, a hydration drink called Prime Hydration, which aims to compete with major brands like Gatorade and Powerade.

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