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December 1, 2017
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The Philosophy of Antifa | Philosophy Tube


Antifa is not a group, but a political theory and practical action against fascism. It opposes fascism using various means, including nonviolent actions and occasionally violence. Fascism is a conservative ideology that supports violence, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and authoritarianism. Antifa aims to stop fascism and protect vulnerable communities.

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Key Insights

  • ๐Ÿงก Antifa opposes fascism using a range of tactics including nonviolent actions and occasionally violence.
  • โ“ Fascism is characterized by authoritarianism, racism, xenophobia, nationalism, misogyny, and violence.
  • ๐Ÿคจ Antifascists prioritize community protection, raising the social cost of fascism, and preventing fascist recruitment.
  • โ“ Antifa actions are typically decentralized, organized locally, flexibly and in response to specific fascist issues.


This video's quite a long one because theres a lot to get through and it's all interconnected. It's in five parts, plus the conclusion, so to make it easier to navigate I've put timestamps to each section in the description. That way you can come and go and you can take breaks if you need to, although obviously I do advise watching the whole thing,... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Is Antifa a group that people can join, or is it a decentralized movement?

Antifa is not a structured group with membership. Antifascist actions are organized locally and flexibly in response to specific issues, and people can participate based on their personal anti-fascist beliefs.

Q: How does antifascist action differ from nonviolent tactics used by liberals?

While nonviolent tactics can be effective, antifascists recognize that fascism requires a more direct response. Antifascists emphasize shutting down fascist organizing to prevent the spread of white supremacist ideologies and protect targeted communities.

Q: Is antifascist violence justified?

Antifascist violence is controversial, but it is often used as a last resort against fascism. Antifascists prioritize protecting vulnerable communities by any means necessary, including direct confrontation with fascists. Nonviolent tactics are also commonly employed by antifascists.

Q: How does Antifa distinguish between fascists and ordinary conservatives?

Antifascists focus on those actively promoting fascist ideologies and actions, not moderate conservatives. Antifa aims to combat fascism and its harmful consequences and does not consider all political enemies as fascists.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Antifa is not an organization but a theory and action against fascism by any means necessary.

  • Antifascist actions include nonviolent counter-protests, exposing and opposing fascist events, and advocating against hate speech.

  • Antifa's goal is to stop fascism, protect communities, raise the social cost of fascism, and prevent the recruitment of marginalized groups by fascists.

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