The ONLY WAY to Make YOUR Argument Thesis COMPLEX! | Summary and Q&A

October 9, 2022
Garden of English
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The ONLY WAY to Make YOUR Argument Thesis COMPLEX!


Learn how to create complex thesis statements that guide your argument and score you valuable points on exam day.

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Key Insights

  • 🔮 Generating complex thesis statements is essential in scoring well on the AP English Language exam. A complex thesis guides other elements of the paper and presents a unifying idea or argument.
  • 💪 There are five thesis templates that guarantee a complex thesis, with higher template numbers indicating increased sophistication. It is important to understand how each template functions to direct the paper to avoid turning it into a piece of junk.
  • 📚 A closed thesis statement limits the paper's direction and is great for high-stress and time-sensitive situations, while an open thesis allows for more exploration and is better suited for longer papers.
  • ☑️ Template number one argues that warning labels are generally helpful and appropriate, emphasizing examples of people freely choosing what they want to experience and parents protecting their children.
  • ☑️ Template number three, on the other hand, acknowledges that any situation can be found offensive, but argues that warning labels are still appropriate in commonly agreed upon troubling content. This thesis allows for a more nuanced argument.
  • ✍️ Planning is crucial in generating a complex thesis, as it helps identify areas where concession or agreement with the prompt's assumptions can be incorporated into the thesis statement.
  • 👀 The complex thesis is just one aspect of scoring well on the exam. It is important to also focus on creating a strong line of reasoning, topic sentences, transitions, evidence, and commentary to earn the highest marks.
  • 👉 Access to resources such as grammar reviews, note guides, and other tips and tricks for mastering the AP English Language exam can be found in the Ultimate Review Packet and on the YouTube channel of the Garden of English.


hey welcome back to the Garden of English I'm Tim Freitas here at the goe we fix problems I can fix it and the problem you all are having right now is producing killer thesis statements in response to your argument prompt sure you've broken down the prompt and sure you've gotten a bunch of ideas to consider as you begin to create your essay but now... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the purpose of a thesis statement?

A thesis statement serves as a roadmap for your entire essay, summarizing your argument and guiding the direction of your paper. It is a concise and focused sentence that clearly communicates your main point.

Q: What is the difference between a closed thesis statement and an open thesis statement?

A closed thesis statement limits the scope of your paper and provides a clear direction, while an open thesis statement allows for more flexibility and exploration within the argument. Closed thesis statements are useful in high-stress situations, while open thesis statements are better suited for longer papers.

Q: Why is it important to include a subordinating conjunction in a complex thesis statement?

A subordinating conjunction helps create a complex sentence by presenting ideas of differing importance. By using a subordinating conjunction, you can prioritize certain ideas and provide a more nuanced argument in your thesis statement.

Q: How can planning help in generating a complex thesis statement?

Planning allows you to identify areas where you partially agree or disagree with positions or assumptions from the prompt. This information can be incorporated into the concessionary part of your thesis template, helping you create a nuanced and well-supported argument.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • A thesis is a sentence that goes at the end of your introduction paragraph and clearly projects your argument.

  • A complex thesis statement includes a subordinating conjunction and presents ideas of varying importance.

  • Different thesis templates can help you generate complex thesis statements that address the prompt and guide your paper effectively.

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