THE FINAL EPISODE OF #NotTooDeep ... // Grace Helbig | Summary and Q&A

March 7, 2022
Grace Helbig
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THE FINAL EPISODE OF #NotTooDeep ... // Grace Helbig


Grace Helbig announces a hiatus for her podcast, Not Too Deep, and reflects on her personal and professional growth in a stream-of-consciousness episode.

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Key Insights

  • 👶 Taking breaks and exploring new opportunities is essential for personal and professional growth.
  • 😫 Examining our relationship with social media and setting boundaries can contribute to a healthier online experience.
  • 👶 Pursuing education and new experiences can help reignite creativity and passion.
  • 🏋️ Connecting with others and lifting them up is a fulfilling endeavor.
  • ❓ Nostalgia can be bittersweet and should be appreciated for what it was, not clung onto indefinitely.
  • 😒 The internet offers both positive and negative aspects, and it's important to find a balance in its use.
  • 😑 Accepting vulnerability and expressing gratitude can lead to personal growth and connection.


hello and welcome to another episode of not too deep i'm your host grace helbig and i'm very excited nervous because on today's episode we have me grace how big i am the host and the guest it's just me by myself me myself and i with you yourself and you and uh i've never done this before and it feels very strange already but also familiar who knows... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why is Grace Helbig taking a hiatus from Not Too Deep?

Grace Helbig wants to take a break to explore new opportunities and recharge after almost eight years of podcasting. She feels the need to step away and analyze her relationship with the podcast.

Q: What motivated Grace to go back to school?

Grace was feeling stuck and unfulfilled in her work as a content creator, so she decided to challenge herself and pursue a graduate program in depth psychology and creativity. She wanted to broaden her horizons and stimulate her creativity in new ways.

Q: How has Grace's relationship with social media changed over the years?

Grace acknowledges the double-edged sword that social media can be. While it offers opportunities for connection and creativity, it also has the potential to negatively impact one's self-worth and authenticity. She encourages introspection and setting boundaries with social media.

Q: How has Not Too Deep evolved over the years?

Not Too Deep started as a superficial and light-hearted podcast but gradually became deeper and more personal. Grace wanted to create a space where guests could feel seen and lift them up. She values curiosity and the act of wondering without judgment.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Grace Helbig announces a hiatus for her podcast, Not Too Deep, to take a break and explore new opportunities.

  • She reflects on her decision to go back to school and discusses her experiences and challenges in a graduate program.

  • Grace shares her thoughts on authenticity and transparency in social media and the changing landscape of the internet.

  • She answers random questions from fans, discussing topics such as horror stories while cooking, her thoughts on aliens, and her favorite guests on the podcast.

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