The Art of Inclusivity with Kevin Hart | Summary and Q&A

October 19, 2022
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The Art of Inclusivity with Kevin Hart


Comedian Kevin Hart discusses his journey as a businessman, the importance of happiness, and the mission behind Hartbeat Ventures.

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Key Insights

  • 👶 Kevin Hart's motivation in business comes from his pursuit of happiness and discovering new passions.
  • 🖐️ Education plays a crucial role in financial inclusion, and Hartbeat Ventures aims to provide opportunities and resources for underprivileged communities.
  • 👨‍💼 Hartbeat Ventures prioritizes aligning with like-minded individuals, brands, and businesses to create successful partnerships.
  • 😤 The partnership between Kevin Hart and the Hartbeat Ventures team is built on trust, learning, and mutual empowerment.
  • 🪛 Hartbeat Ventures seeks to leverage their network and expertise to drive growth and success in the companies they invest in.
  • 🛄 Kevin Hart aims to detach his personal brand from Hartbeat Ventures, emphasizing the collective success and impact of the organization.
  • 🌉 Inclusivity and diversity are at the forefront of Hartbeat Ventures' mission, focusing on bridging the wealth gap and supporting underrepresented founders.
  • 🌱 Hartbeat Ventures plans to provide educational resources and support for employees of private companies to better understand their equity and wealth options.



Questions & Answers

Q: What motivated Kevin Hart to venture into the business world outside of comedy?

Kevin Hart attributes his ventures to a pursuit of happiness and discovering new passions beyond comedy. The lack of financial education in his upbringing also sparked his curiosity and desire to learn about the world of business.

Q: How does Kevin Hart choose the brands and businesses he invests in or partners with?

Kevin Hart aligns himself with people, brands, and businesses that he likes and shares similar mindsets. He looks for individuals who are driven, goal-oriented, and committed to their vision, as well as those who want to make a positive impact on society.

Q: What role does Robert Roman play in Hartbeat Ventures, and how did their partnership come about?

Robert Roman, along with Michael Elanjian, helped Kevin Hart establish and formalize Hartbeat Ventures. They recognized Kevin Hart's success in building enterprises and saw an opportunity to invest in organic and authentic ventures. Their partnership was formed based on a shared vision to revolutionize the investment world.

Q: How does Hartbeat Ventures plan to bridge the gap in financial inclusion and empower minority founders?

Through projects like Project Spark, Hartbeat Ventures aims to invest in diverse funds and support first-time fund managers. They also seek out companies with missions that align with empowering minorities and provide them with resources and guidance to help them succeed.


In this TechCrunch video, comedian Kevin Hart, along with his partners Robert Roman and Michael Elanjian, discuss their venture capital firm, Hartbeat Ventures. They talk about the unifying thread that connects all of Hart's ventures - happiness - and how their focus is on investing in people who are driven and committed. They also discuss their approach to choosing which investments to make, the importance of financial literacy, and their commitment to diversity and inclusion in the startup world. The conversation also touches on their decision to take on outside capital for the first time and their plans for the future.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the unifying thread between all of Kevin Hart's ventures?

According to Kevin Hart, the unifying thread between all of his ventures is happiness. He loves what he does and finds joy in discovering new things and achieving new levels of success in the world of entrepreneurship. Business was not something he grew up with, but he has embraced it as a way to continue growing and doing what he loves.

Q: How does Kevin Hart choose between starting his own brands versus investing in or partnering with existing ones?

Kevin Hart says that initially, as he was learning the ropes of business, he aligned himself with things, people, and mindsets that he liked. He looked for individuals who were driven and goal-oriented and wanted to get the most out of opportunities. He also emphasizes the importance of being part of tomorrow's success by engaging with young entrepreneurs and creatives. He believes that by investing in people who are fully committed to their goals, he can maximize his own success.

Q: How did Kevin Hart and Robert Roman decide to formalize their partnership and launch Hartbeat Ventures?

Robert Roman explains that he was inspired by Kevin Hart's ability to build an enterprise and create enterprise value. They came together to discuss how they could change the investment world by investing in organic and authentic opportunities. This led them to launch Hartbeat Ventures and leverage Kevin's success and infrastructure to support and push the companies they invest in to new heights.

Q: What did Kevin Hart learn from Robert Roman's experience in the world of investing and venture capital?

Kevin Hart credits Robert Roman for teaching him a lot about the world of investing and the venture capital space. Roman's knowledge helped Hart understand the investment process, the importance of patience, and the long-term commitment required for success. Hart emphasizes the need to trust in potential opportunities and be confident in the growth process, as investing is not about immediate returns but rather about understanding the economy and making one's money work for them.

Q: Is it intentional that Hartbeat Ventures has a quieter online presence compared to Kevin Hart's online persona?

When asked about the difference in online presence between Hartbeat Ventures and Kevin Hart personally, Kevin jokingly responds that he's not entirely sure what that means but suggests it may be a little dig. He goes on to explain that their intention is to prove out a blueprint and build a solid foundation before making a big splash. They focus on aligning themselves with the right partners, establishing authentic relationships, and ensuring their mission statement is strongly aligned with their ventures.

Q: How do Kevin Hart and his partners ensure they don't lose as much control as they bring on more investors?

Kevin Hart emphasizes the importance of trust and empowerment in their business. He believes in surrounding himself with the best people, giving them freedom to do what they do best, and acknowledging their expertise and titles. By trusting his team and working collectively towards success, he recognizes that their wins are his wins. It's about understanding that business is a team sport and that everyone's success is tied to the success of the whole entity.

Q: How did Michael Elanjian help Hartbeat Ventures transition from being based on Kevin Hart's personal capital to taking on institutional money?

Michael Elanjian shares that their goal as a team was to find a way to bring their services and network to the venture community at scale. They wanted to create a digital private market ecosystem called Capital Connect, which would provide access to JPMorgan's network and resources for companies and founders. By leveraging their venture banking efforts and investor footprint, they aim to help companies grow and bridge the gap of wealth inclusion.

Q: What initiatives is Hartbeat Ventures taking on to promote diversity and inclusion in the startup world?

Michael Elanjian highlights the importance of diversity not just in terms of diverse companies but also in investors. Hartbeat Ventures aims to prioritize diversity and inclusion by allocating a portion of their new fund to minority founders. They also seek out companies that have initiatives and mission statements aligned with empowering minorities. The goal is to bridge the gap of wealth inequality and provide better opportunities for everyone, including underrepresented groups in the venture capital space.

Q: Will there be any sectors Hartbeat Ventures won't invest in?

Kevin Hart responds that he approaches business and opportunity without setting limitations or ruling out any sectors. He believes that if he doesn't know about something, it simply means he isn't educated properly in that area. Instead, he remains open to different perspectives and possibilities, leaving room for future growth and evolution within the venture capital landscape.

Q: How can startups reach Hartbeat Ventures?

Robert Roman suggests visiting the Hartbeat Ventures website and using the contact information provided there to reach out. Kevin Hart jokingly suggests contacting Robert directly while also acknowledging that they are always open to meeting new people and forming new relationships within the startup community.


Hartbeat Ventures, the venture capital firm co-founded by Kevin Hart, is driven by the unifying thread of happiness. They invest in people who are driven, goal-oriented, and committed to making the most out of opportunities. While Kevin Hart's personal brand and charisma may attract attention, their focus is on building a strong infrastructure and team within Hartbeat Ventures. They prioritize diversity and inclusion, seeking to bridge the gap of wealth inequality by supporting minority founders and companies with initiatives aligned with empowering minorities. Their recent partnership with JPMorgan signifies a big step for Hartbeat Ventures, as they continue to grow and expand their reach in the investment world.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Kevin Hart highlights the importance of happiness in his various business ventures and how it has driven his success and growth.

  • He emphasizes the need for education in finance and investing, particularly in underprivileged communities, and how it shaped his own understanding and decision-making.

  • Hartbeat Ventures, in partnership with JPMorgan, aims to empower young entrepreneurs and minority founders by providing access, resources, and support through their investment and mentoring programs.

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