The Alchemist of Loom Review! | Summary and Q&A

February 15, 2017
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The Alchemist of Loom Review!


"An exceptionally good start to a new fantasy series, with unique world-building, a fascinating magic system, and strong, relatable characters."

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Key Insights

  • 🆕 "The Alchemist of Loom" is an exceptionally good start to a new fantasy series, introducing fresh takes on familiar elements and offering unique ideas.
  • 🐲 The world-building is complex and unique, with a fascinating blend of steampunk, alchemy, and dragon magic.
  • 👻 The multi-perspective narrative allows for engaging character development and challenges stereotypes.
  • 🎑 The action scenes are well-written, clear, and cinematic, immersing readers in the story.
  • 😌 The book's strength lies in its world-building, magic system, and relatable characters, providing a fresh and creative take on the fantasy genre.
  • 🌍 The initial confusion in the story is quickly overcome once readers get a better understanding of the world, and it doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment.
  • 😃 The book leaves readers eagerly anticipating the next installment, as it ends on a big cliffhanger.


guys it's rean and today I'm here to bring you a book review of The Alchemist of loom by Elissa kova and this is the protopia book club pick for the month of February and this month we are working with key master press right off the bat I have to say this was an exceptionally good uh start to a new series in the fantasy genre I just thought it offe... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How does the unique world of "The Alchemist of Loom" compare to other fantasy settings?

The world-building in this book is truly exceptional. It combines elements of steampunk and alchemy with a hierarchy of dragon overlords and land-dwelling alchemists. The detailed guild system and the creation of chamera add depth and uniqueness to the story.

Q: How do the multiple perspectives enhance the storytelling in "The Alchemist of Loom"?

Having both Ari and SRA's perspectives allows readers to see the world through their different experiences and challenges stereotypes. It adds depth to their characters and allows for engaging character development.

Q: Are the action scenes well-written in "The Alchemist of Loom"?

Yes, the author excels at writing action scenes that are clear, fluid, and cinematic. The reader can vividly imagine the action and follow the movements of the characters, making it an exciting reading experience.

Q: What makes "The Alchemist of Loom" stand out in the fantasy genre?

The book offers a fresh take on fantasy with its unique blend of steampunk, alchemy, and dragon magic. The creativity in the world-building, magic system, and character dynamics sets it apart from other fantasy novels.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • "The Alchemist of Loom" follows the main character Ari, known as the white wraith, who steals dragon organs in a world where dragons are overlords and land dwellers are alchemists.

  • Ari teams up with SRA, a dragon who seeks to dethrone the current dragon king, and they become unlikely allies in a political intrigue race.

  • The story is fast-paced, with complex world-building and a multi-perspective narrative, keeping readers engaged and constantly intrigued.

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