The 2 Dollar Burrito | But Cheaper | Summary and Q&A

July 11, 2021
Joshua Weissman
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The 2 Dollar Burrito | But Cheaper


Learn how to make a delicious and gourmet burrito at a fraction of the cost using homemade tortillas and flavorful ingredients.

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Key Insights

  • 👅 Homemade tortillas enhance the overall taste and quality of the burrito.
  • 🍚 Properly cooked rice with added seasonings like cilantro and lime juice can elevate the flavor of the burrito.
  • 🐔 Seared and oven-finished chicken results in a tender and flavorful protein option.
  • 👨 Cooking the vegetables in bacon fat adds depth of flavor to the fajita-style veggies.
  • 😘 Leveraging techniques and using high-quality ingredients can create a gourmet burrito at a low cost.
  • 🌯 The homemade aioli adds a delicious and tangy kick to the burrito.
  • 🤣 The assembly process is crucial to creating a visually appealing and perfectly rolled burrito.


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Questions & Answers

Q: Why is it important to make the tortillas from scratch?

Homemade tortillas have a superior taste and texture compared to store-bought ones. Making them from scratch allows you to customize the flavor and thickness to your liking.

Q: What is the secret to flavorful rice?

The rice is cooked with salt, butter, cilantro, and lime juice, which gives it a savory and tangy taste. The combination of these ingredients elevates the flavor of the rice.

Q: How can you make tender and flavorful chicken for the burrito?

The chicken is seasoned with a mixture of spices and seared until charred, giving it a smoky flavor. It is then finished in the oven to ensure it is cooked through and tender.

Q: What is the key to making delicious fajita-style vegetables?

The vegetables are cooked in bacon fat, which adds a rich and savory flavor. Garlic is added at the end for extra taste. The vegetables should be charred but still have some crunch to them.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video teaches how to make a gourmet burrito at a low price per serving using homemade tortillas and high-quality ingredients.

  • The key components of a proper burrito are made from scratch, including the tortillas, rice, chicken, beans, and fajita-style vegetables.

  • By leveraging flavor and technique, it is possible to create a cheap burrito that rivals more expensive options.

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