The 10-Minute Talk That Will Make You An ALPHA Trader (Habits, Mindset & Motivation) | Summary and Q&A

February 26, 2022
The Secret Mindset
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The 10-Minute Talk That Will Make You An ALPHA Trader (Habits, Mindset & Motivation)


Learn the importance of price action, position sizing, multiple timeframes, emotional control, risk management, and backtesting in day trading.

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Key Insights

  • šŸ” Technical indicators are lagging and should not be relied upon solely. It is important to learn how to read price action before using indicators.
  • šŸ’¤ Only trade with a size that allows you to sleep peacefully. If a trade keeps you awake at night or constantly checking your phone, it's too big.
  • šŸ” Analyzing multiple timeframes is crucial for day trading. Zoom out to see the bigger picture and confirm trends before making decisions.
  • šŸ˜¬ Emotional exits can destroy confidence and eat into profits. Give your trades enough time to come good and consider if your decisions are driven by emotion.
  • šŸ’° Utilize the Kelly Formula to determine how much to risk on each trade based on past performance. Proper position sizing is important for long-term success. ā° Don't trade if the market is quiet or behaving strangely. Wait for better opportunities and spend time researching and analyzing instead.
  • šŸ“ Plan and structure every trade, including entry and exit points, stop loss, risk percentage, and what to do in different scenarios.
  • ļø More hours spent trading doesn't necessarily mean more profit. Concentration is key, but don't overexert yourself. Value your time and avoid rushing the process.


Hello and welcome. Today Iā€™m sharing my trading experience, what trading is all about, some of its complexities and how your approach should be when day trading. So if you could, like, subscribe to the channel, and stick around for the full video. Technical indicators are inherently lagging so they cannot be relied upon on their own. Most new trade... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: Why is it important to prioritize price action over technical indicators in day trading?

Price action is a critical aspect of day trading because technical indicators are often lagging and cannot be solely relied upon. Understanding price action allows traders to make informed decisions based on current market conditions and trends, leading to more accurate and profitable trades.

Q: How can proper position sizing and risk management reduce stress levels while trading?

By ensuring that the trade size is appropriate for your risk profile, you can trade with peace of mind and avoid constantly worrying about your positions. Controlling position sizes helps manage potential losses and reduces emotional attachment to trades, leading to a more relaxed and focused trading mindset.

Q: Why is analyzing multiple timeframes important in day trading?

Analyzing multiple timeframes provides a broader perspective on market trends and helps to confirm trends and potential opportunities. It allows traders to catch the perfect moment to enter a trade and avoid missing out on price movements. Different timeframes can reveal different levels of volatility and market conditions, aiding in making more informed trading decisions.

Q: How does backtesting contribute to successful day trading?

Backtesting is a crucial practice that allows traders to simulate their trading strategies using historical data. It helps determine the profitability and effectiveness of a trading plan by evaluating how it would have performed in the past. Through backtesting, traders can gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their strategies, leading to refinement and improvement in their trading approaches.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Technical indicators are lagging, so it's crucial to understand and prioritize price action in day trading.

  • Proper position sizing is essential for managing risk and reducing stress levels while trading.

  • Analyzing multiple timeframes can provide a bigger picture and help make better-informed trading decisions.

  • Emotional exits can hurt confidence and profits, so give trades enough time to play out.

  • Learning and applying the Kelly criterion to determine position sizes can improve risk management.

  • Avoid trading when the market is quiet or your trading plan doesn't align with the conditions.

  • Plan and structure each trade, including entry and exit strategies, stop loss, risk management, and profit targets.

  • Concentration and focus are necessary for successful day trading, but don't overdo it or sacrifice other aspects of your life.

  • Don't rely solely on day trading as a primary source of income; maintain other streams of income for stability.

  • Test and backtest different strategies to find what works for you, and don't believe everything you read without verifying it yourself.

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