Tesla + Netflix Q3 earnings, Kevin Hart's VC fund, Twitter ideas, revamping the DCEU | E1591 | Summary and Q&A

October 20, 2022
This Week in Startups
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Tesla + Netflix Q3 earnings, Kevin Hart's VC fund, Twitter ideas, revamping the DCEU | E1591


Netflix experiences a return to subscriber growth in Q3, surpassing expectations and allowing for renewed enthusiasm in the company's future prospects.

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Key Insights

  • 🎏 Netflix experiences a rebound in subscriber growth, which is crucial for the company's continued success in the streaming industry.
  • 🫠 The introduction of an ad-supported tier and sub-accounts showcases Netflix's flexibility and willingness to adapt to changing user preferences.
  • 🫠 The rise of free, ad-supported streaming services like Pluto TV highlights the potential of this market segment for growth.


hey everybody Welcome Back Molly and I are here it is Thursday it's a big news day we're going to cover Tesla's Q3 earnings we'll talk a little bit about Kevin Hart's uh new Venture firm you got JP Morgan uh to uh Pony up for heart beat Ventures get it heart Kevin heartbeat it's Thursday Molly so we all know what that means we got Lionel Messi but ... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: How did Netflix's Q3 earnings perform, and what were the key drivers behind the growth?

Netflix reported revenue of $7.9 billion and added 2.41 million subscribers, surpassing expectations. The growth can be attributed to the stabilization of subscriber numbers after the post-pandemic dip and resolution of geopolitical challenges.

Q: What are Netflix's future strategies for growth?

Netflix plans to introduce an ad-supported tier and sub-accounts. The ad-supported tier aims to attract cost-conscious users, while sub-accounts allow users to add multiple people from different households to their account. These strategies aim to expand the user base and improve engagement.

Q: How does Netflix's performance compare to other streaming services?

Netflix's performance demonstrates resilience and potential for growth in the streaming market. Although the competition is fierce, Netflix's global reach, diverse content, and brand recognition provide an advantage. However, emerging services like Disney+ and Warner Bros. Discovery pose strong competition in the streaming landscape.

Q: How will the introduction of the ad-supported tier impact Netflix?

The ad-supported tier provides an opportunity for Netflix to tap into a different segment of users who may prefer a lower-cost option. While some users may choose the ad-free option, the ad-supported tier will allow Netflix to generate additional revenue from advertisers and increase user engagement.


In this video, the hosts discuss various topics including Tesla's Q3 earnings, Kevin Hart's new venture firm, Lionel Messi's entry into the investing game, Netflix's Q3 earnings report, and the DC Multiverse.

Questions & Answers

Q: What did Tesla's Q3 earnings report reveal?

Tesla's Q3 earnings report showed that their revenue was up year over year, but stock prices went down. The company delivered a significant number of vehicles, which contributed to their revenue growth.

Q: What could explain the decrease in Tesla's stock prices?

While Tesla's revenue and vehicle deliveries increased, there was a minor revenue miss according to analysts. The stock market movements can sometimes be influenced by factors such as short-selling, profit-taking, and market speculation.

Q: How did Netflix perform in their Q3 earnings report?

Netflix's Q3 earnings report showed a strong performance with an increase in revenue. The hosts discuss the breakdown of Netflix's revenue and the different sources contributing to their overall revenue.

Q: What do the hosts think about Netflix's earnings report?

The hosts are impressed by Netflix's ability to control costs while increasing revenue. They highlight how informative and visually appealing the earnings report is and compare it to other companies' performance.

Q: How are Kevin Hart and Lionel Messi entering the investing world?

Kevin Hart has launched a venture firm called Heartbeat Ventures, which focuses on investing in lifestyle media and technology startups that support minority and underrepresented founders. Lionel Messi is also creating a global holding company, Playtime Sports Tech Hold Co LLC, to invest in sports media and technology.

Q: Are celebrity-led venture firms successful?

The hosts discuss the challenges and potential pitfalls of celebrity-led venture firms. While some celebrities actively participate in the investment process and bring value beyond their brand, others may rely on their fame without true involvement or expertise in the venture capital space.

Q: What are the potential benefits of a verified Twitter account?

The hosts debate the value of having a verified Twitter account. They discuss potential benefits such as better control over replies, targeted messaging to specific groups of followers, and improved analytics for businesses.

Q: How much would the hosts be willing to pay for a verified Twitter account?

The hosts have varying opinions on the value of a verified Twitter account. Some would be willing to pay a small amount per month for additional features and benefits, while others do not see the need for verification or are skeptical about its impact.

Q: How can businesses benefit from a verified Twitter account?

Verified Twitter accounts can provide businesses with additional insights and control over their follower base. The ability to target specific groups of followers or analyze follower data can be valuable for businesses.

Q: How can Twitter improve its platform for verified users?

The hosts discuss potential improvements to Twitter, such as building custom algorithms for followers' feeds, allowing verified users to send specific tweets or DMs to subgroups of their followers, and providing more granular control over replies and interactions.


The video covers a range of topics, including Tesla's Q3 earnings, celebrity-led venture firms, verified Twitter accounts, and more. The hosts provide insightful analysis and discussion on these subjects. One main takeaway is that while celebrity involvement in the investment world can bring attention and resources, it's essential to assess their level of commitment and expertise. Additionally, the hosts explore potential enhancements to Twitter's platform, specifically for verified users, to improve engagement and interaction with followers.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Netflix's Q3 earnings report exceeds expectations, with revenue reaching $7.9 billion and a net addition of 2.41 million subscribers.

  • The company sees a return to positive subscriber growth after a post-pandemic dip and the impact of geopolitical events.

  • Netflix plans to introduce an ad-supported tier and sub-accounts, aiming to cater to a wider range of users and increase engagement.

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