Take a photo of a reflection. | Lauren Zoll | The Art Assignment | Summary and Q&A

June 19, 2014
The Art Assignment
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Take a photo of a reflection. | Lauren Zoll | The Art Assignment


This video discusses the use of black in art and showcases an assignment to create a dynamic visual world using a black, static screen.

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Key Insights

  • 🥰 Black is not a neutral color in art and holds a lot of color within it.
  • 🥺 Creating voids and working with black paint can lead to unexpected and intriguing artistic outcomes.
  • 🥰 Reflections in art can provide additional layers of meaning and alternative ways of seeing.
  • 🖤 The art assignment encourages participants to think creatively and explore the potential of a black, static screen to showcase a dynamic visual world.
  • 😒 Variation and the use of different sizes or patterns can contribute to a successful composition.
  • 🥺 Being in an "off" state or embracing moments of being off can lead to important creative ideas and perspectives.
  • 🙂 Natural light can enhance the visual impact of the artwork created for the assignment.


It's a beautiful spring day here in Indianapolis. The warmth is just overpowering. Well believe it or not, we're here on this gray day to talk about color. Oh yeah? I feel like there will never be color ever again in my life. We're here to meet with Lauren Zoll, an Indianapolis based artist who most recently has used a lot of black latex poured pai... Read More

Questions & Answers

Q: What led Lauren Zoll to start using black paint in her artwork?

Lauren Zoll was drawn to the idea of creating voids and black paint helped materialize these voids into something tangible. She found that black paint had the ability to convey more than just a flat surface.

Q: What is the purpose of the art assignment mentioned in the video?

The art assignment aims to show that a black, static screen has the potential to display a dynamic visual world. Participants are instructed to turn off a screen, take a photo of it, and demonstrate a multi-dimensional world around the screen using color, pattern, and form.

Q: Can reflections in art be considered a form of information?

According to Lauren Zoll, reflections in art, such as those seen in screens or windows, can be seen as a form of information. They offer an alternative way of seeing and can be interpreted as mystical or meaningful.

Q: How does Lauren Zoll suggest creating a successful composition for the art assignment?

Zoll advises participants to focus on variation, avoiding uniformity in size or pattern. She suggests using natural light and incorporating elements such as colored paper or piles of books to create an interesting composition.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Indianapolis-based artist, Lauren Zoll, shares her experience with using black latex poured paint in her artwork and how black is not a neutral color but holds a lot of color within it.

  • Zoll explains how she transitioned from metalwork to painting, particularly focusing on creating voids and using black paint to materialize them into something.

  • The video introduces an art assignment to demonstrate the potential of a black screen to show a dynamic visual world, encouraging participants to think about color, pattern, and form.

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